Marketing Strategies for Your Business and for Free

Do you find yourself spending too much money on your business and not making enough on your returns? This is the biggest reason businesses fail.

Free marketing strategies are not just a Band Aid until you can get paid ads. If you implement free strategies you can start bringing in more profits, more money, and more free time to enjoy.
· What free marketing strategies can you integrate into your daily marketing plan?

Many business people say Social Networking (Social Media) is:
· time-consuming
· not sure where to put focus
· how do you balance your time
· it’s too confusing

You need to spend a minimum of 1-2 smart hours a day using free marketing:
— Narrow your marketing focus – pick five free marketing sites so you don’t spread yourself too thin. Start by focusing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and marketing/submitting your articles. You are not going to be really effective unless your efforts are focused and you become an expert in these 5 areas – don’t let the other sites pull your attention away.

· Start: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Your Article Marketing =

Utilize these five different marketing places – they are different categories.
1. Facebook is biggest, professional and social networking site.
2. LinkedIn is business networking site, here you are building business connections
3. Twitter – is a micro-blog where you make short posts that instantly are shown to everyone who is following you and connecting
4. YouTube as a video marketing site is very powerful
5. Article marketing – free sites are where you post articles and people read your great content of valuable information of at least 400 words – people like what you read and go to your site

All five of these sites work exceptionally well – if you focus on these five areas you can build your business and marketing platform in these five places. Gain a following, online relationships and contacts to help you grow yourself and your business.
It doesn’t’ need to be time-consuming or confusing.

You do need to spend time keep up on your Social Networking sites – and continue to build relationships with people adding connections and posting everyday. Do one or two things each day to maintain that base.

– Facebook – check in about 6 times a day – spending 2-3 minutes each time building relationships with old friends and new acquaintances – help others get to know who you are (not selling your business here) – Also – have your blog and articles automatically post to Facebook as you submit (that is when you are giving valuable and helpful – to others – content information about your business);

– LinkedIn – Make comments and connect with 2-3 new business ‘links’ – take about 5-10 minutes a day. You can have your Twitter postings go here automatically, also;

– Twitter – Respond to and find new Twitter friends to add to your flock. Re-tweet good content and you’ll gain positive attention and hopefully some thank you notes. Let others know how your day is going, the weather, life – but, keep it positive. And, insert business updates.

The sky is the limit when you are a business owner. And, I have discovered this with the help of good business coaches!

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Marketing Strategies for Your Business and for Free

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