Email Marketing Strategies

We’ve All Been Told, “The Money is in the List”

Just Having a List Doesn’t Guarantee An Ongoing PayDay.

But that’s really only part of the story and here is the real truth:

“The money is in a targeted list of people that you create a trusted relationship with and successfully sell stuff to.”…:

a. Email marketing doesn’t mean you need a huge list to get a great marketing response. Check out Connie Green’s information on this. She is the Queen of small lists and huge profits.

b. Gaining trust is as simple as being honest and having your audience’s best interest in mind.

1.  So you concentrate on building a targeted list for your email marketing advertising

Spend time cultivating a trusting relationship. Because as I already mentioned,the size of your list is not what’s most important – it’s really what you do with that list.

2. Keep in touch – simply

Just email your list with content more often. You don’t have to send out a newsletter, just short simple emails that provide good value to your readers.

3.  Get to Know Your Subscribers

 Pay attention to which links they click on in your emails

 Take note of which types of products they are buying through your links.

 Invite them to submit feedback on your blog on a certain topic.

 When your readers do comment on your blog, take the time to click through to their websites. See what they are talking about, what their problems are, what products they are buying.

Do this on a regular basis and you’ll come to understand your target audience even further. And, you will get a deeper understanding of target marketing.

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