Starting In Affiliate Marketing

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

3 Things You Must Have Immediately – That Depend On You Starting In Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing is used by some of the biggest companies on the web.

  • Walmart, NetFlix, Amazon, E-bay just to name a few, along with entrepreneurs, coaches, and small home-based businesses.
  • Niche marketing, home based businesses, joint ventures with others online and even ministries!

How do they work – the strategy used? What is an affiliate marketing program?

Affiliate marketing is basically: · You become a salesperson that doesn’t actually work for the company. You make a sale for and get paid in commissions by the company. You become an affiliate, a partner, a colleague.
· It is sort of like being paid for a referral. Sometimes it is for a say an entrepreneur program/product that sales for $197, and you may earn $97 for each sale you refer.
· It is an arrangement between a business/website publisher, and you, the online sales person. The business pays you a percentage for all of the sales from your online efforts.
· You send qualified buyers to the business’ website and they track the sales.
· You know how much, from reading their affiliate information, you will be paid (a percentage of the sales revenue).

That is the basis of an affiliate marketing program.
A lot of people are now coaching business entrepreneurs in this area of online sales – as a business coach, this is part of the marketing and sales systems we might put into place – and then there are some other well-known talents that focus just on affiliate programs.

How much can you earn?

It depends on your:
1. Total focus and drive
2. Motivation to learn
3. Dedication and serious work

When you make a purchase using an affiliate link, you are not charged any more and it makes no difference to your clients (when they purchase from your affiliate link) – other than you earn a referral fee – so it is a bonus for you both – as your clients may purchase what they need, or find out information about something you recommend.

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DISCLOSURE -Of course, as a smart marketer, whenever possible the products I recommend are attached to an affiliate program!  These are used and reviewed by Donna and she’ll receive a referral fee for any resulting sales – no extra charge is made to you. Ask me to teach you how to earn money as an affiliate.

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