Do You Really Need A List of Email Subscribers?

list-of-email-subscribersWhatever you may think about email marketing…

You do need a list of email subscribers. 

Any business or blogger can implement this powerful tool, a list of email subscribers, alongside your other marketing and promotional strategies.

You know that people come to your website, blog, and Social Media platforms because you’re offering them something they want, need, or like.

These are the perfect places to capture their contact information and follow up with them by using an automated system, like AWeber’s auto-responder.

  • Getting your readers even more involved. An auto-responder doesn’t just send emails. It works for you.
  • Sending emails at pre-determined times and on specific days of the week.
  • Getting you seen by an audience that wants more from you.

You can send out information with your blog and business updates, training, promotions, marketing, and building the know, like, trust factors. And, you can do this whenever you like, automatically.

Email marketing is building your list so you can send information to your audience and keep them interested.

  • Not ignoring the people that may be wanting and hoping to get more of what you offer with your knowledge and expertise.

You’ll be following up to your list of email subscribers from 3 people to 1000’s using your branded emails or texting.

If you are compelled to share your ideas, both helping people and becoming a thought leader in your field, then collecting a list of email subscribers from your audience is one of the most important things you can do.

Having a list of email subscribers is your central promotion strategy for sharing your information, programs, classes, and events.

One of the biggest clichés in email marketing is still true…

“The Fortune Is In The List!”

So what can you do?

Build your email list as you:

  • Develop your giveaway – your optin gift.

This is to encourage readers to subscribe, offering an incentive in the form of a gift or download.

  • Have your optin box/page ready to send people to.

It doesn’t just ‘sit there’, it’s working for you on auto pilot 24/7 capturing the email addresses of an audience who is pre-sold in at least some small way.

  • Promote your giveaway.

Remind people who are reading your blog, and on Social Media, that you have more great content in your email blasts, they just need to sign up!

  • Get and build your email list.

The most important thing about using your email list is that you own it.

Better for you than just having ‘likes’ on Facebook or ‘followers’ on Twitter.

  • Build a relationship – that bonds – with your banner discover more about

Start collecting email addresses 

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Don’t wait!

Know that nothing is more valuable than your list of email subscribers!

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Because …

List Building With Social Media, blogging, and building your list of contacts is needed if you want a more interactive community!

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