Customer Attraction and Conversion


Want More Customers? Take action – regularly and consistently.

  • You have heard it over and over. But it really is as simple as that.

But what are some of the actions that are the best to take right away?

1. Define your ideal client – You need to know who you are going to be talking to.

  • Dream up your ideal client by making a written “shopping list” of all the traits, characteristics, and identifying qualities that would be most appealing to you. The more specific (and accurate) you can be, the easier it will be to call and visit with your ideal client. If you hit a road block that’s a good sign that you need to talk more to your clients to get to know them better
  • You need to know if they are a good fit for you – including their income levels – so you don’t spin your wheels.
  • Find out their hot buttons – what do you have that is special for them. And why?

2. Build the relationships with those thoughts in mind.

And, have a system of touch points, to stay in touch, with your database regularly and consistently. That means you are there when your customer is ready for you.

— The first step to starting a conversation with someone is to get his or her attention.

— Beginning with a handful of questions, you can quickly learn what someone wants and how you can help them.

  • If you can focus on your prospects’ concerns with a question or two, you’ll get their attention.
  • Offer them something they want, or need, and they’ll contact you.

Here is an example: If you walked into a business office, most likely the first thing they would ask is, “How can I help you?” This is the same technique you’ll use.  After you know your prospects’ concerns, their needs, and wants. That tells them that you have their best interests at heart. And by investing in your services or products they are going to get what they need most.

Learn how to take your prospect from want to need with a key point of connection:

  • You are selling value.

Another example: I go shopping and see a few purses. What I want is the $75 purse. What I need is the $15 purse. In other word’s I can get by with a $15 purse. What I want is the nicer purse. I have perceived, and anticipated, that the $75 purse is more valuable  to me.

  • Don’t only hear the need, dig deeper to get to their want. Stop leaving the money and opportunity of the table. Help your customers. Dig deep, ask leading questions and find out who they really are and what they want. Defining, finding and capturing your market.

When you are building a relationship, you ask questions, and try to get to know the person. What they want and need will become known as you get to know them.

  • Then you share your own information.

But, they are always the most important person in your conversation. Make them feel important. Genuinely. Be successful in helping them feel comfortable with you and your product or services, and your will be connecting.

You can eliminate frustration, get rid of overwhelm and remove confusion when it comes to promoting yourself and your business, gain clarity, be confident, focused and get motivated. Join our Coaching Group and build your plan.

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