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I think, as small business owners, that we have discovered the need to communicate value.You can communicate value when you identify prospects’ / clients’ needs and articulate your value proposition in their (not your business tech) terms.

Usually our biggest problem as to why we don’t have enough clients is because we blend in with everyone else. You need to know, really know, your target audience in order to communicate value. Once you understand who your customers/clients are and what keeps them awake at night, or frustrates them, you will be able to stir deep emotions and create raving fans who will share you with others.

  • You want your prospects to lean naturally into becoming your clients.

So, upgrade your messaging so that it resonates better, and you communicate value.

You have heard me say that your clients are what fuels your business machine. Everything starts with the client – and understanding and getting close to them are your most important tasks of each business day.

You are going to need to work more in the consultative sales to help your prospects/clients to understand and to help you understand their needs.

  • How do you market a product / service that is being sold while its being designed? (That is when you are designing the answer for the client).Think about how Starbucks has been successful partly by their ability to segment and understand their customers. They know that the ‘coffee house fans’ are younger coffee drinkers, Starbucks’ is aligned with their core values – and these customers will bring the greatest future spending potential.
  • Be smarter and help solve their concerns of doing business with you.
  • How can you make them feel safe and comfortable? Ask them if you need that information.

Identify your ‘sweet spot’ by asking the right questions.

Get it right and you will be creating a business that perseveres and takes care of you and your clients. 

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