Building Brand Equity

Building brand equity is the marketing effects and outcomes that grow from your marketing strategies. Like the goodwill and recognition it has earned.

The objective of your marketing strategies is to build your customer’s commitment to your brand. That is building brand equity.

This usually takes three forms:
1. Creating customer satisfaction – delivering superior quality products and services
2. Building brand equity -The pieces that contribute to your own efforts of building brand equity are:

  • name awareness,
  • visible quality,
  • brand loyalty,
  • the relations your customers have with your brand,
  • trademarks,
  • packaging, and
  • marketing.

3. Creating and maintaining relationships.
Your goals for your efforts with your marketing strategies are to build and maintain a caring relationship and improve responsiveness to your marketing by your customers.

And, yet, as you are building those customer relationships – You also want them to get on the freeway and go as quickly as possible from receiving your information to buying whatever you are selling.

Online relationship marketing strategy for email marketing can give you an advantage over your competition.

  • As You Become A Trusted Consultant

Here are the two main steps in this online relationship marketing strategy:

1. Put your lists’ interest first -What’s in it for them – them being your Target Audience.
2. Create content that speaks to the hidden hopes and fears of your prospects.

  • Give valuable information and education that helps. You do want them to look to you for the next step.

Your Follow Up Sequence – continuing to build relationships.

When people optin to your list, you will follow up with them immediately because this is when they are interested and you build up more credibility and trust. If you follow up quickly you will get a bigger responses.

  • A good follow-up sequence general rule is 1 email per day for the first week. Then start putting that at about 2-3 emails each week with helpful information and sharing of your products / programs.

Give people a reason to open your emails – give value and be unique. Ask yourself what is in it for them if they open.

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