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List Building OnlineOne of the most challenging steps to making money online is to build a list, a ‘responsive’ opt in list is your real goal. Not just “Build a List.”

  • The money is in the list, right? We’ve been hearing that since day 1 of Internet Marketing 101.

Yes, it is in the list, or more accurately, the ‘relationship’ with the list.

  • So once you have a list started, you begin email marketing…

I’ve read that a large (95%) percentage of people subscribing to your list will probably never purchase what you have to offer whether it is affiliate programs or your own products/services. But that’s OK – as you keep in touch, you’ll build that relationship with more of your education marketing to your list.

And, the more you keep in touch with your list in positive ways,  each person will start to trust, like and find you credible, then more will step up.

==> That’s one of the reasons we are persistent!

  • In order to build any list you need to entice visitors to your blog, website or landing page with something of very high value.
  • In order to build a responsive list – you need to target that list – study what their pain is – learn about them, what are they talking about and looking for.
  • Ask yourself, ‘how will you communicate with the people on your list so that you continue to add value?
  • And, you need to continue to add value to your list (now your community) – Such as free Expert Interviews, or your own Q&A teleseminars, a bonus report, informative blog posts and articles.
  • By offering free information, people start to get to know you, like you, and trust you.

So you become a trusted authority within your community.

How do you get them to your site?

  • Write blog posts and share those posts on Social Media, on other sites like Tumbler, Stumble Upon and more.
  • Write articles to send people back to your site.
  • Send out press releases about an event you might be holding – like Expert Interviews, or Q&A Teleseminars, or a Telesummit – and send them back to your site.

Once they are at your site you’ll ask them to opt-in for the event or free information.

  • Your Lead Magnet – Now you have them there – you offer them your freebie for their email and name.
    • If you are a Chiropractor, you would not necessarily be writing about helping your prospective clients with their taxes. You would want to write about the pain of your ideal client/patient and your solutions.
    • Email marketing with an autoresponder –
    • Check this out for ‘Must Have Online Tools’
      • The content of your email shapes the heart of your reputation and credibility in the eyes of your subscriber. This is why it’s important to know your audience’s pain and needs, because that is what you will be writing to.

If you are just starting your online blog or business, and really feel you don’t yet have an idea what you would give or sale to your list, start your list anyway.

  • It takes time to build any list. And, by the time you figure it all out, you’ll be glad that you have it started already with a clue of knowing what you are doing in building your online list.

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