6 Twitter Tips for Building Followers

Follow Me on TwitterStart Building and Increasing Twitter Followers –

If you are on board the Twitter stream to help your business grow, then…

Check this out:

1. Your Profile and Landing Page – why is this important?

  • Well, first impressions. What do people see when they come to your page?

Introduce yourself with an abbreviated intro and a link to your more detailed ‘About’ page on your Website. Also, if you can, add your Facebook link, here.

You want people to know what your business is and how to connect with you.

==> Why would someone want to connect with you?

  • Put that in your profile.

2. Do you have your own lists that you like to look in on?

‘Twitter lists’ are a way to organize the people you’re following on Twitter – then you can get a snapshot of the things those users are saying by viewing that list’s page, or find new people.

  • Decide if a list is interesting enough to look at daily, weekly, etc. And, make connections and get conversations going.

3. Include your Twitter followers in what you are doing in your business.

Anyone following needs to know what you are working on.

  • I like sprinkling with quotes and links of pertinent information. Throughout the day, each day. Because, people are online at different times throughout the day.

4. Look at your followers that you have, and start little conversations – respond back and forth.

Take a look at what your Twitter streams are doing.

5. Have your articles tweeted and re-tweeted!

  • Ask, if you really want this. You have friends, build relationships – now is the time to ask for their help.

6. And see if you can re-tweet info that you like from others.

  • Always thank anyone for their re-tweets of your information.

So why would you use Twitter?

  • Like all social media and marketing tactics, before you can decide what makes sense for your business, you need to consider your objectives.

A couple of ideas:

–      Extend the reach of your blog posts and other content – with linkbacks from Twitter to your sites.

–      Promote your products and services directly to a target audience.

–     Tweet your older blog posts. Your current and new readers will enjoy your information.

So as always, you’ll be providing engaging information, but in a strategic way.

That’s how to think about your activity in all of your Social Media connections. Keep your tactics on getting quick and long term ROI.

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