Vision is the Key To Results

Are you in overwhelm and confusion about what to do and how to make it happen for your business?

The number one mistake that 80% of small businesses are making – from the research that I’ve seen…

  • Is that they don’t have a business plan.  1111

I know you’re thinking – Oh No – not that!

And, I really know from experience that this is like working in the dark and hoping that you can reach your destination as quickly as you can run.

So I simplified and created a model that is perfect for a one person business – You can check out the One Page Business Plan here now at

But first let’s talk about the importance of having the right order to your plan.

– Many of us are kind of doing different parts of what we’ve learned or picked up from experience and seeing what others do. It becomes, well – all over the place and can hold us back.

The order of growing your business – is a strategic approach to growing your business.

I know that a lot of us, myself included, have purchased some fabulous products or programs for our businesses – yet don’t know where or how to put them in our plan.

So…What helps you?

  1. Have Your Vision – Planned and In Writing.

Every business must have this in place….

–       Helping to keep your business on track.

–       To remind yourself of your own commitment!

Creating your vision – is where you layout exactly what you want your business to look like.

– Do you have a vision of what you want your business to be like? What is the end result you would love to have for your business?

– Until you know the big picture you don’t have any framework on which to set goals in. Because your strategic goals and action steps are connected.

– Until you know where you want to go in your business – you don’t know the steps you need to get there, and once you have an idea of the steps, you can start with goal managing in your business.

  • Come up with a long list of reasons why you want this vision for your business.

==> This will also help you find your passion to reach your vision.

–       This then helps with motivating you to stick with the action steps you put together. These steps will help you progress towards your vision,

And, your goals will have the steps to implement for reaching your Big Picture Vision.

Your end results.

If you’ve done your goal setting based on your Big Vision Outcome for your business, you’ll have your reasons why you’ll want to reach each goal.

  •  Bringing you nearer your vision outcome.

When you don’t know what to work on in your business – it may be that you don’t have your big picture vision – you don’t know where you are going, you don’t know what you need to do to.

Creating your vision, your Big Vision end picture of where you want to be, is where it starts –

Today I offer training and coaching to help my clients create and make their Big Vision end results happen.

Donna Ward
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