5 Little Known Secrets to Optimize Your Success

confidentialWhen I mention business systems, you might think of computers storing and processing data, like a ‘point of sale’ system for retail stores.

That’s what many small business owners seem to picture. And they think these type of systems aren’t for them.

Well, that type of system may or may not be for your business. But, a business system isn’t just hardware or software.

It’s the way that you do any part of your business. It’s how you do things. You may not be aware of using systems, or you just may not use them efficiently.

5 Little known Secrets to Optimize Your Success

1. Have Your Own Business Support System – This typically is a routine, or process, you do on a regular basis in running your business operations.

2.Creation, or results, management – Work on solutions what ties in with your customers’ pain and needs. What are the results you offer in your product or services?

–  Then the system?

  • You visit with your clients to find their pain points.
  • You discover the benefits that will help resolve that pain, and the results that come from those benefits. Which then leads into what transformation for your customer?
  • Then, you put together a marketing message and test it for your customers’ reactions.

3. Client management – Do you have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system? If not, do you mark your calls and conversations on a calendar, or Excel file?

  • Follow up is a key to your success!

4. Income management – Do you keep track of all income each day? When you see money coming in, it builds your own confidence. And, it’s just great business sense.

5. Order management – is it online, in person, or by phone? What is your system here?

  • How do you put your customer through the  Sales Funnel after they’ve ordered?
  • Do you have an up sale to offer?
  • Are there questionnaires sent and calls made to see how the customer is enjoying what they ordered?
  • Are you asking for referrals as part of your routine?

Find your answer about:

· What takes place on a regular basis – or what needs to happen regularly to move your business forward?

· Add your own bullets for what you need to take care of to make your business move forward.

Start writing out how you do things in your business.

  • Make a very detailed description of every step in a routine, or process, that you are already doing, or plan on doing
  • Include what you do and why you do it.
  • Include the subtle parts that makes your business uniquely you.
  • Include the parts that you are proud of.
  • Include the tricks that make it efficient.
  • Include what you tried that didn’t work and explain why.

Cutting costs, saving time, getting out of overwhelm, have a sense of direction, and increased productivity are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy!

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