Do You Use Confidence Builders Like This? ?

Do You Use Confidence Builders Like This?

How do you use confidence builders?

Have you ever….

Made use of confidence builders by:

Making a list of your own experiences, qualities, and skills to help you personally pull out the greatest impact you can have on your business?

How do you build the confidence and trust of others in your business?

Here’s a list that will help you outline how to build confidence and trust in your business.

  1. Place importance on fostering long-term relationships. 
    • Building trust takes time and requires a focus on the long term.
  2. Be honest.
    • One advantage of honesty is that people are more likely to trust you.
  3. It is essential to always follow through with your promises and commitments.
  4. It’s important to acknowledge and apologize when you make a mistake.
  5. Make effective communication a priority.
  6. Be truthful about any challenges you may be facing.
  7. When aiming for success, five essential factors must be considered: being dependable, having a strategic focus, marketing, processes, and finance.
  8. Be a caring person.

But first…

Let’s take a look at what Shirley did…

Shirley is a business leader in health products for energy and fat loss. She shares how to make healthy AND great tasting milkshakes for energy and fat loss!

Mmmm. Don’t you just love, love milkshakes?

So how does Shirley keep her attitude optimistic and attract the people she’s been wanting to share her wonderful milkshakes with?

#ontheblogtoday #howto #onlineresults, #confidenceBy making use of confidence builders like  SKILLS and GOALS to prep her stage with hope and promise.

Because she understands that:

  • Every business owner has skills.
  • Business skills are the natural talents and the abilities you develop to help you understand what to do and what not to do in your business life.
  • Your skills build your professional know-how and help you set goals.

But what about when you feel you have a skill gap in some areas and it’s stopping you from moving forward or taking any kind of action?

You might be tempted to call it procrastination…

All of a sudden Shirley understood!

As a business owner, she was learning and taking care of soooo many things to grow her business like:

  • Prospecting for new business
  • Searching for the ideal niche market
  • Figuring out websites
  • oooh…Social Media!
  • Content marketing
  • Online relationship building
  • Blogging
  • Analytics – SEO
  • Tactics
  • Time management – Simple Daily Habits
  • Having a regular business income 
  • And Much More that can be altogether unfamiliar at times! 

It’s not uncommon.

Feeling a bit unsure of yourself is something that can be a persistent struggle, especially during busy times.

Help is on its way…

For Re-Starting Your Journey with Morale Boosters:

By building up your own self-belief system.

Step 1  Know what winning looks like for you.

Step 2  Discover what you need to do to move forward.

Step 3  Be committed to your wants and desires for yourself and your business.

Step 4  Control your emotions and keep your passion.

Step 5  Reverse your steps to reach your goals – or reverse engineer your goals.

Have you ever read Steven Covey’s book (really an important read) “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” it’s a lot about how to begin with the end in mind – in this case, we are talking about goals.

Step 6  Constantly reinforce your end goal by imagining your goals (and sub-goals) you need/want to take care of. Helping you get where you want to be.

Step 7  Make use of great confidence builders like these ? and these ☝️

Keep growing and getting better by doing. 

“Your competence is your confidence.” Pooh Richardson

Step 8  Accept the need to be part of a community. 

Not many people know this about me, but I am a loner and I also love smart & uplifting groups. So at times, I’m like – “What if I asked or shared this with a group I feel comfortable in (online)?” and then I find that…

  • Giving and receiving is all part of growing and helps enjoy the journey.

Step 9  Be aware of the positive and make that your focus.

Step 10 Believe what you’re doing is worth it!

Continue to learn more about yourself.

  • Knowing what skills can be learned.
  • Then taking advantage of the skills you have along with learning more about your self-belief system means you’ll start seeing more RESULTS.
#ontheblogtoday #howto #onlineresults, #confidenceYou can discover an easy and proven way to help guarantee your future business health and happiness with the use of many confidence builders. You’ll love the results when you build a belief system in your own ability, skills and experience.
Now is the moment! To begin understanding and using your expertise to build confidence.

As a result, you’ll definitely want to make a list of your skills to look at daily – especially when you need a reminder, like a boost of energy to push you onward and forward into new areas of possibilities to grow stronger and more successful. Which can be as important as a healthy sweetener for an energy health shake!

Remember Shirley? Of all of her skills, making sure her milkshakes are tasty along with being healthy is at the top. 

Due to that important fact ⇒ No one wants a bland or tasteless milkshake. It doesn’t matter how healthy. So she had to take a stand and find out just how to make those milkshakes healthy and tasty (learning new ideas and putting them into action was a part of her system) – then share that with the world to help others AND to grow her business.

So, if you want to stand up and give a talk, do that ‘Live’ Video online, visit with a prospective client/customer, or even just write that content and don’t know what to say? Or feel this just isn’t the right time? Take a look at your…

  • Your self-beliefs as these will become your results.
  • Make a list of the skills you have and the skills you need.
  • If you like to break big ideas into manageable pieces, then focus on one piece at a time.
  • If you want help in organizing your thoughts or if you like to map things out on the computer rather than on paper… Sign up for (free).

❌ Above all…Be kind to yourself – Connect yourself to your own list of at least 10 things that make you a remarkable person. Don’t think about business here, it’s just you. What really is it that you love and what motivates you…

#ontheblogtoday #howto #onlineresults, #confidenceIn other words, there is a combination of skills and experiences you have that make you stand out from the crowd…

Start keeping that list of 10 or more things that make you unique right in front of you. Use your power of self-talk.

?Confidence builders can help you set yourself apart in good ways.

?‍⚖️Don’t judge yourself – this can lead to self-doubt.

?Connect yourself to your own list of 10 or more things that make you a remarkable & unique person.

?Don’t think about business here, it’s just you.

❓What really is it that you love and what motivates you?

❓Your own combination of skills and experiences make you stand out from the crowd are…

✍List out your skills – including your appearance, your skills, and keep that list in front of you. Use your power of self-talk ? especially for when you’re getting ready to do a Live Video!

For instance…here is a sample list of ‘good stuff’ that makes you remarkable – and you can add more to remind yourself daily…

  1.  I am self-aware
  2.  I am Intuitive
  3.  I appear confident – Hey I am confident!
  4.  I am kind and thoughtful
  5.  I am happy
  6.  I am positive
  7.  I love learning
  8.  I love giving
  9.  I am loyal
  10.  I am honest
  11.  I am a leader
  12.  I am a self-motivator
  13.  I am analytical
  14.  I have marketing skills
  15.  I have management skills
  16.  I have teamwork skills
  17.  I have technical skills
  18.  I am a problem solver
  19.  I am a planner
  20.  I have good relationship skills
  21.  I have analytical skills
  22.  I can wear multiple hats and get things done
  23.  I am a positive thinker
  24.  Add more…

To sum it up ⇒ Your business is about connecting one on one. That also means connecting with yourself! ❣️

What stops most people is confidence – judgments come in…

Therefore, you need to connect to your uniqueness ❣️

#ontheblogtoday #howto #onlineresults, #confidence

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