How to Use a Small Business Product

Ebook Products

If YOU don’t own the product,  do you own the business?

  • You can own your own direct-selling business, and sell another company’s products.
  • Yet – can you also own your own product as a direct sales consultant?

I know that when I was in Direct Sales years ago, it was fun not having to worry about product. I could just order for my clients. But in the back of my mind,.

  • Yet, I was running a small business.

Rather you have your own product, or sale a product that is not yours, you can be a part of running your business in an even smarter way.

You can create a new product to proudly give away, or sale to the world.

  • And, this product can be all of the lessons you’ve learned about your direct sales product, or your own services / products.

Taking control of your own future…Your future business vision.

  • If you really want that control over your destiny, you can get started by learning how to create your own product to help others understand what you are doing in your business.

What is it? This is an information marketing product, an ebook.

But, first:

  • Why write an ebook?

– It will set you apart as an expert and someone who knows what they are doing.
– It will help you get your message out there to your target audience.

OK – I can already feel walls and issues come up. So, let’s figure out what’s holding you back.

You need…
1. The right mindset for writing an ebook.
Believe it or not, you have to get your mind right before you have any hope of creating an ebook people will want to read.

2. The one vital thing you have to have to make your ebook a success.

  • It comes from inside your own head and heart, but it’s the most powerful force in the world.

3. You’ll need your plan for creating your ebook.

There are a lot of techniques for creating your ebook information product.
Some don’t require you to do any writing at all. Check out PLR products.

And, I am talking about using your ebook information product as a give away; as an enticement to build your list.

Giving away information is a great way to get the attention of potential subscribers to help build your list of prospective clients…

  • Give away a well designed ebook with some good information and they will become excited (I still do) about getting this in exchange for their name and email contact information.

The Stuff Your eBook is Made Of Can Brand Your Unique-ability. Promote, Be Heard and Stand Out!

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