3 Must Know Facebook Tips

Facebook TipsI love creating content, interacting in social spaces online and offline (commenting, contributing, etc).

If you’re in business online or brick and mortar and making connections through Facebook, you’ll find out quickly that it is one of the best ways to brand your business and connect with your own community in a whole new way.

Setting up your business page through Facebook gives you instant access to a crowd of new friends from all over the world. It’s like being a social butterfly for your business growth.

  • Which brings us to the million-dollar question:

How do you tap into this pool of prospects for maximum profits?

Yes, you can build a responsive mailing list using Facebook, I am doing it! So, just how do you get started?

  • Select Your Strategy – You can find out the best way to tap into Facebook for maximum fun and profits! That is what I help my client do through teaching and training them to leverage their marketing. It is fun, when you have your limits set for what you want to do!

1. Setting Up Your Business ‘Like’ Page

  •  Now that you have it set up — You need to be updating your page on a daily basis – If you can pop in with a special update, a post once in the morning, afternoon, and evening that would be ideal – because you don’t know what time your community will check in.

–> But at least, a minimum of 3 to 5 times a week – daily would be better.

2.  What are your updates going to say?

  • These updates might include a link to the blog post you just wrote, a link to a blog post someone else wrote if you don’t have one, a quote, a thought for the day, an invitation for your fans to post about themselves or their businesses and the list goes on and on.
  • Look at your Events list for birthdays – and connect with a joyful note.
  • Again, look at your Events list – go to each one quickly and say ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ – because your name and face will show up there for visibility and you are being social. Besides you may really want to go to some of these great events!

3. Have a Constant Presence – building your visibility and credibility

  • Having a constant presence on Facebook doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours a day there.

–>  If you can devote 10-15 minutes of your day to Facebook – may be 3 times a day, that is enough to keep fans interested and provides you with the best opportunity to connect with your community.

  • Log on first thing in the morning to update fans about your daily plans, events that are coming up, or new promotion.
  • Take this time to review and reply to comments and emails, and check out what is going on with others.

–> Facebook is a social place. Posting a ton of information about yourself everyday without taking the time to see what others are writing about is not interacting! No one likes the guy who is always talking and never listening.

–> Hop over to other ‘friends’ pages and give warm feedback, thoughts and greetings at least once a day.

–>– Try choosing five ‘friends’ a day to interact with, and you will stay fresh in their minds all day.

The key to your success on social media is your ability to be consistent and persistent in your approach. And, slowly start to build your ‘friends’ and ‘likes’ of your Facebook page.

That being said—Let’s connect at facebook.com/AskCoachDonna

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