The Thing That Is Stopping You From Making Money


Are you reading these headlines: Warning: The recent (02/25/11) google algorithm change could spell disaster for you and your business depending on your internet marketing model.

Well – Even though I have focused a lot of my efforts in the “article marketing” field, I’m not in any kind of panic BECAUSE I’ve also been posting a slightly re-written copy of the articles submitted to many these authority sites to my own blog.

I was  just Wowed – my own blog pages have all seen a dramatic rank increase. Why? My guess is because they are not associated with being a “content farm” DUE TO the fact there is more to each of these pages than featuring adsense.

So what are you to do?

  • You have to finally crack the Internet marketing game and see that you can make money if you have content.
  • Knowing this marketing formula is vital when learning how to earn money online.

It is where YOUR ideas take center stage

Article writing is such an important aspect of your marketing puzzle – you need to decide to commit to learning the strategies needed. Rather you are an online marketer, or using the Internet to boost attention for your off line business.

Get clear – write down what is stopping you.  Write 1-10 beliefs – then examine what’s in those beliefs. Gain clarity and you will gain your power back.

It pays to enjoy writing and what you are writing about as you want to be seen as an expert in your field.

Article writing is a piece of the Internet Marketing puzzle, understand it’s place and you will learn how to earn money online, understand why you are doing it and get the structure right and you will know how to earn money online.

The idea behind article marketing is that you get your article on the first page and you get traffic, get traffic and you get sales, get sales and you have just learned how to earn money online. To meet the criteria mentioned, we must be using the right keywords and placing them within the article.

Use my advice on article marketing, and get started now! I am your business coach for the moment! I am going to look for your article, especially if you send me the link! Or, if you need a bit more guidance, and not yet ready for a coaching one-on-one investment of your time and funds, go right now and download this…

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