Business Planning Goals and Concepts

Have you ever wondered how others ‘get’ their successes, I mean really understand how to get it, and how does that support you?

Cultural differences aside; what I’m talking about here is the concept of your success in the terms of professional accomplishment.

Success seems to be largely gauged in terms of the pursuit of knowledge, and money.

The idea of success is also in terms of our desires to get exactly what we want.

But, are we aiming at our desires, with old concepts? So, when you consider concepts that are new to you – or that you haven’t tried – you will probably hit roadblocks and stumble (fear can put a halt to successes) – but you can and will find the solutions.

Understand this important lesson, here:
· What I am talking about is not only for business – it is for your life.
· Change the word business, to say family, or community, or church – whatever. The concepts, marketing ideas, and goals work the same.

The creation of your own business concept, or implementing a tried and true concept with guidance, could be one of the first steps of shaping your own unique part of the market and discovering more opportunities of:
— who you serve,
— how,
— why and
— where.

As you are going through this process you will begin to understand your target audience (could be your own family), your product/services, and yourself. This is really the start of writing down your plan.

Really good stuff, huh? Yet we put it off, because it seems boring, or we don’t understand why we need to do it.

This is also the start of ‘getting’ it. The sooner you put yourself through this process: – the sooner you will start becoming one of those successful people who are understanding success – you’ll start to get it!

What are some of these concepts you need to start thinking and writing about?
1. A Business Plan – It is your written plan (not in-your-head plan) describing the nature of your business, the sales and marketing strategy, the financial background. But, now it is written down, it is your goal – Your affirmation!
2. Value Statement – “guiding principles” – what do you stand for – how do you put your Value in Your Business
3. Mission Statement – what is your business, why does it exist, its reason for being

Forming your Business Concept is the best way to clarify your own thoughts and build concrete strategies and tactics; helping you discover even more ways to streamline your business and increase your efficiency and bottom line.

And that is where business coaching helps your business in achieving the results you want.

Let’s talk – soon.

Donna Ward
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