Learn How to Sale on the Internet

Good marketers give away valuable content to the point where they become a trusted friend.

People don’t like being sold to – we know that. So…

So, build up your trusted connection. Be in a position, that people view you as a voice of authority and as a friend. Relationships do take time, so be persistent.

I have often heard it said to put your clients’ interest ahead of yours. That’s what a
good friend does. So, you are generously giving first and then asking, or rather selling.
Don’t be lazy – be persistent – it takes time to be different. Take planned action
steps and get different results. That’s where business coaching really does help.

— Do more than what even you expect off yourself. Surprise yourself!

Business Goal: You want your targeted email list to see your name in the subject line and open the email without thinking about it. That’s because they know you will be giving them great help and information. That’s how I feel about the two coaches that are helping me grow and there are a few other gurus I feel connected to now and will read what they send in my emails.

This is what I want for you, Internet and Online Business Marketing Success – Step by ‘Planned’ Step.

Your business is always a work in progress. You learn, you grown, you change – and rinse and repeat!

Donna Ward
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