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FIND A MENTOR to help you on your Road to Wealth
Finding a mentor is one of the secrets that can shorten your road to wealth.

Imagine you wanted to go to a foreign country. You’ve never been there before. They don’t speak English and you don’t speak their language. You plan to stay for a month and look forward to seeing the best sites and eating in the best restaurants. How much easier would you be able to find your destinations if you had a translator?

  • It would make the difference between enjoying yourself and being completely frustrated and lost.
  • It would cut the learning time dramatically.
  • It would have helped you find your road to wealth – assets and ways of finding out what you needed to know to get where you needed to go more quickly!

— You need to be clear on why you want a mentor. Are you looking for someone to offer specific advice? A guide on your business path?

I know that for years I sooo wanted to go backpacking, but I had no one to go with or to help me understand what I needed to do to get ready for this type of unusual adventure (for me it was out of my comfort zone!).

I met someone finally – my husband, Ken.

  • He was an avid backpacker and major hiker. But, how did he learn about backpacking? He found a teacher and a group of people to learn from and to experience it with! He found his road to wealth – learning more easily and with fun people to help.

Then, of course, he felt confident in taking me on that journey with him. I fell in love with all these outdoors adventures he took me on. Oh, I naturally fell in love with him and still have grand adventures with my fun and motivated husband.

  • For me it was having someone I trusted translating for me and leading me on what I needed to do to be prepared. And, he helped me move more easily out of my comfort zone onto a road to wealth in healthy adventures.

— Having a mentor shortens the learning curve, and shows you the ropes.

  • A mentor can help you avoid making dumb mistakes and getting lost.

When requesting someone to be your mentor, consider asking for input on a single specific topic.

  • How did that go?
  • Was it good advice?
  • Was it delivered in a way that made sense to you, and filled you with confidence and energy?

If you study the paths of successful people, you’ll see that most of them had considerable help along the way. A mentor can be a boon to any line of business. So why deprive yourself? Go out and get a mentor of your own.

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