Article Marketing Tips

5 Article Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

1. Write articles on your area of expertise and submit them online to the top article directories. Articles are a great way to establish yourself as an expert as well as build quality links and bring visitors to your opt-in page or blog.

2. Market specifically. If your article is about “How to Attract Clients and Turn Them Into Raving Fans” then make sure your article’s resource box speaks to that. For example: “For more information on how to build visiblity, visit  “” Then link to that url that has the information you promise.

3. Select Titles Wisely. Choose a title that is descriptive and tells the reader what the article is about. I always to a keyword search for the title. Select a three-word phrase that people search for and use that phrase in the first three words of your title.

4. Your Summary. The summary you used is usually shows up as the summary on search engines results for your article. Include keyword phrases that people search for.

5. Your Audience. It’s your goal to impress, instruct, and enlighten your audience so that they will want to click on your link.

These article marketing tips are to help you with your visibility and credibility. People want to do business with people who are intelligent and trustworthy and likable.

  • And, article marketing is always client centered and driven!

Bonus Article Marketing Tips:

  • The article directories that have been around the longest and are regularly spidered by Google will have a better chance of a top position for your article.

A few more places to use your article marketing tips – Here are ten of the most popular article submission sites —

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