Need a Business Vision?

Vision = SenecaWhy have a business wish list, to start off your business vision work?

Using a wish list for your business vision is one of the quickest ways of knowing what you want in and for your business future.

Write down all the things you want for your business as if you were waving a magic wand.

When you feel excited about what you’re writing, know that can be your inspiration and motivation.

Because the fuel of your business is awareness of where you want to be and being able to separate out where you are now.

Your business vision is the groundwork for your business plan.

Without a business vision, how will you know where you want to go? Without a destination, how will you create a road map to get you there?

When you write out your business vision – it’s like really getting to know your best friend – the friend that is going to help you get what you want in your business.

  1. Your business vision is your target of where you want to go and be. It’s the business life you want to live.
  2. Then…your business plan can include the goals and big picture strategies and details that support your vision. The steps you will need to take to reach your vision. Like putting in place…
  3. Your marketing and sales plan and systems, including the tasks and processes you will need to do in reaching your objectives so you can fulfill your vision.

How to get that business vision on track for you?

Start where you want to be.

• Who do you want to be? 
• What do you want to do? 
• Who do you do it for? (Your audience) 
• Where do you do it? 
• When do you do it? 
• Why do you do it? 
• How did you get here?

==> What is your vision from your customer’s perspective? What you are trying to do for your customers.

“My customer vision is to have my clients find clarity and focus to open up in their businesses.”

You can turn your answers into full sentences, then you’ll be creating a formal business vision – the first step in your business planning.

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