Got Opportunities to Grow?

marketing..William BerndachWant to develop your opportunities to grow?

Tip #1

Do you think your ideal clients are motivated by what will happen when they purchase your services or products?  

This is one of your opportunities to grow your business through sharing the experiences and effects of using your product/services.

You have great opportunities to grow by communicating the benefits and transformations your prospective clients are likely to realize.

==> Showing them a profitable investment by revealing the outcomes they’ll enjoy. 

This can be your prescription for success.

Tip #2

Are you an achiever in business?

==> If you really are a self-starter, then you’ll have put together a plan.

==> When problems surface, you’ll be a doer and look for creative ways of solving these problems.

Opportunities to grow often means reaching out for help along the way, which is rather unique in itself.

==> Realizing that you can’t accomplish growing a great business alone is one of the huge opportunities to grow into an achiever in business.

Tip #3

Being productive and finding opportunities to grow yourself, getting more leads, and learning to enroll more of your ideal clients into your programs and selling products are key parts to the success of any business, large or small.

==> Do you leave your work at the end of the day and wonder why you didn’t get as much done as you thought you would?

I’ve heard that 80% of a day is wasted on meaningless interruptions and tasks that are not income producing.

What are those great money producing activities?

Make your list and follow it so that others will listen to you and possibilities will open up for you!

No one can find and take advantage of all their opportunities to grow all by themselves.

If you are in that place where you realize you can be more productive and want more opportunities to grow?

Then the next step is to learn just how to do that.

What do you think? What are your steps to take for your own opportunities to grow…

“In this very real world, good doesn’t drive out evil. Evil doesn’t drive out good. But the energetic displaces the passive.” William Bernbach, Advertising Guru

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Marsha Landeros“In the last hour I was doing some follow up calls and one of the ladies I had met at recent Skincare class that seemed interested in the business said she was very interested and has been reading my emails and is blown away by my products and business opportunity. We set up a follow up date to chat more. But without Coach Donna L. Ward’s tips and training I may have not implemented these practices of emailing and setting time to do my calls. I get so excited when I see it working! Just had to share! Thanks so much Donna! My business just went BOOM with the activity I have added to my calendar.” Marsha Landeros Benefit with Arbonne

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