Got Affiliate Marketing?

Got-Affiliate-MarketingAffiliate marketing can be a part of your business strategy.

And, one of the best things about being an online affiliate – is that you don’t have to deal with:

· Pre-sales questions 
· Post-sales support 
· Returns 
· Shipping 
· Refunds 
· Vendors

I have dealt with plenty – It is time consuming and needs an experienced hand.

So what is affiliate marketing?

I’ve always said that it is basically an online version of business referrals to another company that you know is worth checking out. Your referral gift is payment for any purchases your referrals make. 

  • You are sending people to the affiliate company online, through a link that has been prepared just for you, and if something is purchased through that link, you’re paid a commission.  Now you are doing some affiliate marketing.
  • Your job, as part of affiliate marketing, is to find potential buyers and direct them to an online site so that your potential buyers can like what they see and purchase. You’ll make a portion of the sales.
  • Adding to monthly income, if you do this regularly,
  • Think about how much time you want to put into this strategy and then make a simple plan.
  • Think about your audience and who you serve, and what they want.
  • Some affiliates earn six and seven figure incomes through their affiliate marketing efforts.
  • You send visitors and your referred merchant does the rest. Even a small supplemental income is great and then you can continue with inspiration, to grow and expand your own small home based business!

Tips to get started:

Offer your own newsletter as a promotional tool to your own affiliates if you have an affiliate program. These can drastically improve the opt-ins to your list.

– You can create a bonus and use this to promote an affiliate product. This is something top affiliate marketers do a lot.

– The larger your list is, the more people will be able to click on your links and affiliate links

– Get your own affiliate program set up at (this is a versatile site, offering you membership setup sites also.)

– Check out my own affiliate program at  – and feel free to practice promoting my information to help you get started. You’ll see the rewards you receive and keep track of your referral income as you practice and move forward.

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