Marketing Mindset Jackpot

Marketing MindsetWhat marketing tools are hidden assets?

==> Focusing on Customer Growth – just to mention one.

  • Your business growth is not the same as nurturing and growing your customers. It is growing profitable relationships.
    • Knowing what motivates them and really learning about their fears and needs.

Understanding what marketing is and what your marketing strategies will be is going to be hitting your own jackpot in getting your business ideas up and running.

  • Talking yourself into the efforts of understanding and really knowing your ideal customers’ problem and you being able to explain in words they ‘get’ – that is going to be your real Marketing Mindset Jackpot.
  • And, that takes a plan – your strategy and tactics to help others to grow your business.

Just like many of you, I wanted to get to the marketing and get moving! What plan?

Your Business Plan is Your Marketing Mindset!

Planning different types of marketing:

  • Building you list
  • Product (or will it be affiliate) development
  • Re-purposing a product to create multiple streams of revenue
  • Write media releases
  • Social Media marketing
  • Develop interviewing skills – knowing how to visit and convert
  • Connect powerfully with prospects and your customers
    • What if customers don’t know about, or understand, your business and what you can offer as a solution?
    • What are your marketing tactics for customer communication –
      • Which includes: selling, branding, advertising, PR, and being conscious about what you share, and how you deliver your messages, and…
      • Who you are sharing your message to is all part of the marketing plan that you have to wrap your mind around so that you can accept and move forward with action steps.

As with anything, the more you put a sincere effort into learning, develop strategies, and taking those action steps, the more you will get from your own business.

And the quicker you will achieve your goals.

How do you promote your business, gain visibility, define your target market, put effective and profitable systems into place, and become profitable in your business as soon as possible? You need to this:

  • Identify your target customers and markets,
  • Stretch your marketing dollars – including investing in coaching for you and your business.
  • Creatively position you and your business
  • Be visible within your market. Getting your message to your market regularly.
  • Expand ways to have a presence in your prospect and customer’s mind even in your absence

These are big goals. My goal and my responsibility, as your coach, is to help you gain confidence in speaking about your business, attract as many ideal clients as you want, get that hard, cold cash and leverage your time to enjoy more of your life.

You can get started with my “Business Savvy Starter’s Kit’ – which has a one page business plan template. All this to help you start thinking strategically and take action regularly…to reach your successes.

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