How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Basically Affiliate Marketing is:

  • All about referral and re-directing traffic to a marketing website.
  • You will receive a % of the purchase when you refer someone to the website and they make a purchase.
  • Your job is to convince your visitors to go to your affiliate’s website and sign up and/or purchase.

In order to receive a referral fee or commission – you find a product that you want to be an affiliate for then they provide you with your own url – this is how they will keep track of your commissions. Ex:   As an affiliate link it may read: (this is my actual affiliate link for Jeneth Blackert’s New Wealth Launch) and the website maintains all the information for you. Such how many clicked on your link and/or signed up and made a purchase. Usually they will also help out with marketing ideas and email templates. They will not give out the email and name of that person, however.

Your best choice to earn money is by Indirect Marketing:


  • This is sending traffic to your landing page and have an opt in box to obtain your visitor’s email address and name – then you will be building your email list as you send them onto the marketing website.

–        You can continue to market your affiliate links in the info you provide to your visitors

You do not need to pay to promote their products.


  • This is a basic outline of what and how Affiliate Marketing can work.

To learn more, you can study online through trial and error – or you can in invest in yourself and work with a coach, like me, that will guide you through the process.

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