How to Grow a Business

How to Grow a BusinessI talk about lot about how to get clients, how to grow a business, and generate more income through consistently being in touch with your ideal future customers, current, and past customers.

==>This is part of your unique-ability strategy – that is being more visible, out shining your competitor.

This is how to grow a business…

  • It’s being very relate-able to the people in your community online and offline.
  • When you discover who your ideal future customers are, you’ll have regular touch points planned out as a routine, to help create your know like and trust factor.

Want to really know how to grow a business?

  • It is getting you out there and being really interested in your ideal customers’ needs and wants. Letting them know that you are there and are interested in improving their lives or situation.
  • Which is establishing a relationship – and getting to know more about their work and what they are up to.

When you start visiting with possible future customers, don’t assume that everybody is going to want to work with you right away, or even in a few months.

You’ll know when it is ‘ok’ for you to start talking about your business. But, first get into the asking mode:

==> Tell me about your challenges.

==> Tell me more about whom you serve.

You really don’t know what they need until you have some relationship building in your how to grow your business planning.

So how do you structure a strategy session with your future ideal customers?

Use your plan to guide you in discovering if you want to work with them – and if they are ready to work with you. Here are some steps in that plan:

  1. Acknowledge their interest in your help – support and talk about what interests them.
  • Let them know that you want to find out what their vision and goals are. Where are they now and where do they want to be.  (Think about what you have to offer that will bridge that GAP of where they want to be from where they are now.)
  • Tell them that if you feel there is a match, you will make them an offer of one-on-one coaching with them, or one of your programs.
  1. Explore – ask them what works for them now and what doesn’t work for them.
  2. Confirm back what they said – letting them know that you’ve heard that this has not been a successful path so far. And, that maybe, they want to do this next step as an effort to improve… And, ask if you got it right.
  3. Take action – Based on what you’ve learned during your time – conversation – with them. Ex: “Based on what you shared with me…”  If you feel this is a good match for your business, then you can share your ideas of how you can help them.

You let them know that you realize that they need help and you are there to help them identify how you might be able to help.

Have your level of offers available –

You could offer an e-book – audio – a 6 week program – a group coaching program – depending on what you think is a good fit.

This is a big part of your planning in how to grow a business.

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