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Facebook TipsA while back I gave a Facebook Tip to a group about marketing and then was asked to put up a  Facebook Business Page for someone who heard my talk.

But, they couldn’t understand why I set up a profile page and a business page.

So…Is a Facebook profile the same thing as a business (fan) page?

  • Tip #1:

No. A profile is for you and is not in your business’s name.

Each business (fan) page must be associated with a profile, so if you do not have a personal profile you must set this up first. Then you can set up your business page.

  • Tip #2

Yes! There is a difference between a profile and a business page.

  • Facebook profiles are for people.
  • Business (Fan) Pages are for businesses.

      —   Profiles are intended for people, not businesses. It’s actually against the Facebook Guidelines to use a profile for a business.

—  You can create and manage your business page from your personal account.

  • Tip #3

Are you making the most of your Business Page (not your personal page) to promote your business?

You can become a Facebook Marketer…

  1. SEO (search engine optimization) tactics on your Business Page can help your Page reach more fans
  • One tactic is to use your business’s real name as the name of your page,
  • When you choose a Facebook username for your Page, your Page’s URL becomes www.facebook.com/YourUsernameHere. Usernames can be selected at www.facebook.com/username. This is what is also called your vanity name – such as  http://www.facebook.com/AskCoachDonna

As a part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy; your Business page is indexed by search engines. Profiles are not.

  • When you set up a profile in your business name, you’re not maximizing your exposure.

Tip #4

You can still connect with people on a business level through your personal profile. I use my profile to connect with quite a few people due to business reasons. Since people can get that know, like, trust factor with the person behind the business, this is a good way to interact with them.  It’s also one way for me to bring my personal brand out there to more people.

Tip #5

Once you have your page, you can promote your page by visiting other pages or groups that would interest your ideal client and commenting/promoting your business savvy on those pages.

Tip #6

And to get your special Vanity URL you can :

Go to this link http://www.facebook.com/username.

For more ideas –

Take a look at Facebook Money Mastery and turn your Facebook time into money!

I am here if you need help! In the meantime…

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