Got Smart Business Growth?

smart-business-growthThe average person is exposed to over 3000 messages a day. Kinda makes it more important to have smart business growth practices in place for your blogging.

How can you work with smart business growth in blogging?

Well, I’ve read that business to customer blogging, like my blog, generates 88% more leads per month than those that don’t blog. Sounds like a strong start to smart business growth and continued promotion!

But your blog has some hefty goals and you’ll need to wear many hats. 

By now you know that the top 7 benefits of blogging are:

  1. You’re positioning yourself as the trusted expert in your work as you blog about what you know.
  2. Educating your prospective and current customers about how you can help solve their problems.
  3. Delivering value as you…
  4. Gain wider exposure for your business.
  5. Bringing targeted visitors to your site, offering them to stay awhile with your informational content and free gift in exchange for their information so they can get to know you better.
  6. Building your List!
  7. Standing out like no other!

Your goal as a business blog is to be…

–          Relevant

–          Unique

–          Memorable

–          Building Your brand

–          Drive traffic to your blog.

–          Traffic conversion.

–          Make your blog the foundation for all your Social Media platforms.

–          Get found online.

–          Create your blog for your customers.

Smart business growth is making sure that your blog is a part of your Social Media Marketing Plan as you…

–          Build relationships

–          Send your targeted audience to your blog

–          Understand SEO and your profiles online – SEO is a direct marketing effort you can take now.

Online marketing and blogging…

–          Takes patience and time.

–          Includes analyzing and improving.

–          Is about persuading your target audience to want to hear more from and about you…and to do business with you.

–          Consistency.

No matter how beautiful, smart, and ready your side is…your strategy for smart business growth has to include being found by search engines.

==> So, we’re back to driving traffic to your blog and being successful at converting your visitors into leads – that is having your fabulous optin gift up where they can see what you are giving them.  This is your ‘ethical’ bribe in exchange for their name and email.

Now go on and get to blogging and chatting on Social Medial to promote your business and generate leads as they visit your blog!

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