Got killer strategies for blogging?

killer-strategies-bloggingWhat is one of your big killer strategies for blogging?

Tip #1 ~ Killer strategies for blogging – Visibility

As an entrepreneur you know the more visible you are online and offline, you can become a part of your prospective customers’ daily lives.

You know that you want to be the one your ideal customer sees in the search engine responses when they put a question into a search engine looking for what you offer.

More killer strategies for blogging…

Tip #2 ~ Killer strategies for blogging –  Increase Your Social Reach

–      You already share your blog and business information with current and potential customers as you use informational content sharing strategies for networking online and offline.

–      You keep building relationships on all Social Media by keeping your conversations going.

–      Continue to boost engagement with quality content consistently.

Tip #3 ~ Killer strategies for blogging – Find and Use Your Keywords

–      Use your top keywords that you want to be known for, and that your ideal clients will be searching for, and then mix those keywords into your social profiles.

–      Keywords in your profiles boosts your search engine optimization (SEO).

Tip #4 ~ Killer strategies for blogging – Increasing Your Lead Generation

–      Think more like your customer and less like a salesperson.

–      Check out leading social psychologist Robert Cialdini’s Theory of Reciprocity – Which is being helpful;  don’t sell to prospects; help them solve a problem.

–      Show your prospects you care about what they want to know more about.

–      This is adding value and generating more interest, and likeability, for your business / brand.

You already know that the more you become a resource for your customers, the more you’ll be on top of their mind. Choosing to talk with you more about your business rather than talking with your competitors.

To increase your lead generation from Social Media as you are building those business relationships?

–     I’ve read that Social Media prospects show more interest in pages that have a balance between product and benefits based content.

–     You can attract prospective customers to your free content offering in exchange for their information as you add them onto your list and converting those visitors into leads.

  This all is the start of attracting customers into and down your sales funnel.

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      Woo-hoo – Joan!! Off I go to your blog and check it out too – thank you 🙂

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      So fun Peter! Thank you – yep, I try to make it all organic marketing as much as I can and teach the same — not spending hardly any money and giving it your best 🙂


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