Business Goals, Vision and Growth

Most entrepreneurs, and small businesses, have their goals, a vision, and all the right things to be successful – except for sales and marketing systems. They seem very unsure and unclear about this.

  • These systems may seem unimportant, at first.
  • Then the challenge comes for: what areas do we sell in and where to do marketing – oh – and what information is needed for this. Such as:
  1. brand development
  2. copy writing
  3. advertising
  4. websites
  5. graphic design
  6. SEO (search engine optimization)
  7. Social Marketing, and on it can go.

The typical entrepreneur, and even online businesses, may just not be sure how to ask for the help they need in these areas. And, most don’t even have the time to think about doing anything more. Sure there are specialty businesses that can help with each area – but, once you put together the information with their help – where is the coordination of:

  • Does it appeal to the customer in all areas of marketing?
  • Does the customer understand, through our graphic designs and copy writing that we can help them?
  • Is the customer’s problem being understood and the solution being explained?
  • Do we look self-centered, confusing, or irrelevant to our clients?

As you answer these questions – think about how you could proceed to expand your growth and income.

1. Change from busy work to focusing on outcomes (This is something most of us need!)

2. Structure is not a common term used for the creative types – but, remember an artist needs marketing, selling, and business skills to get known. So, structuring your communications to your customers will need to be clear and specific enough for them to get what you are doing for them, and, clear enough for you to follow on a regular basis (a system). Oh, did I mention clear for SEO?

3. Don’t rely on hope and guesswork – Get clear on your business goals, sales goals and marketing objectives. Write out steps that will become systems of success.

Example: Sales goal – $6000/month – how many products need to sale to reach sales goal: 2 products – how many customers do I need to contact each month to sell 2 products: 100.    — Then find out how you will find those customers and put another system into place to follow through.

This is one of the business achievements that I coach on – it is a very successful effort. But you have to make it work – how – by getting it started and making it a routine – it will become your system.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you, as your Business Coach – I listen,  and help you discover the hidden challenges and bring clarity to your vision, goals, and life!

Donna Ward
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