But How Do You Create That Cashflow?

But-How Do You-Create-That-Cashflow?The lifeblood of any successful business is positive cashflow.

More cashflow starts with a plan to get more clients.

What ideas get you more new possible clients interested in you and at the same time help you get to know your audience better? Choose one or two of successful ideas, and implement regularly. Read more

Secret Client Lead Formula

Secret-Client-Lead-FormulaLeads are everywhere.

Focused persistence is the key to more clients, but it doesn’t come naturally and is doesn’t happen by accident.

You can take your business further with this secret client lead formula. But, are you up to it?

Many of us are hoping that there is a product that will just help us get leads without having to worry and work at it. The so called push button techniques have drained the bank accounts of many of us.

What separates you from those making money in their business online and offline? You want that secret now… Read more

Get More Clients

Do you know how to get more clients? Do you have a plan that you are using consistently to get more clients?

Have you ever bought a book on how to plant a vegettable garden? If you had never planted vegetables before, would you even consider putting the seeds all in the shade? I would want, need, clear, easy to follow steps, with pictures that make me feel someone is talking me through each step of the way. The truth is that even with instructions, turning a handful of seeds into a beautiful, and edible, garden can be a huge task for me.

Building a business and trying to get more clients, is just like planting that garden – you need to have a clear plan that will get you from a few clients and help you get more clients -and a waiting list. Read more