Business Planning

Business PlanningWhen do you need more than your business planning?

Your actions steps will lead you where you want to go in your business and life.

Here are 4 of those steps for your Business Planning:

  1. Make a decision.

I have found that we must be clear about why and who we are in business, what we do for others, and what we want. We need a plan, and goals. Then, we are able to take action more easily because we have clarity of where we are going.

  • Decisions , and growth, come a bit easier when there is clear communication going with others and ourselves.

We often want a guarantee before making a decision, and having more clarity around our decision helps tremendously!

2. Ask yourself what you have to release in order to get what you want.

  • What do you need to let go of?

The things that come to mind when we start to stress about business failure is how to get more money, more clients and continuing our business growth.

  • If this is your way of thinking, replace those thoughts with ones that serve you better. If it’s reworking your website when you could be making more sales, make the sales instead.
  • If it’s a better family foundation, communicate as a leader with gentle (yet firm) communications and bring about a healthy family relationship. Which may also help bring about a healthy business growth.

A great way to help unload your stress, indecision, and fears is to write about what we need to do with our business planning, or even our life,

  • If you don’t know what to write – just keep writing. It will bubble up and out for your review soon enough.

3.  Clarify what are you are passionate about, your inspirations, and what you want to create.

If you’re starting a new career, you need to believe in your ability to learn and be successful.

  • As an example: I am so passionate about the topic of getting clients (and keeping clients as raving fans) that I truly believe it is the most important skill to master if you’re in a service-oriented business – that includes products and programs that you may sale.
    • My purpose that keeps me going? I want to see my husband works less and play more, with me!

Once you determine your true purpose, and know your passion, then decide to believe it, and hold on to that belief regardless of what you may feel about failure in your positive business savvy (ad)venture.

4. Take action on your passion.

In order for your business planning and passion to work for you, you are going to have to work the plan. This means you are going to have to get out there and take action – not just do it later.

  • Clarity of your purpose and passion will direct your days with actions.

A personal request from Coach Donna Laree:

  • Did the above points resonate with you?
  • Do you disagree?
  • Do you have an insight to add?
  • Do you have questions about the material?

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