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Entrepreneur-ideasI have always been impressed with those whose entrepreneur ideas seem to come from their business savvy. What is it that gives an entrepreneur ideas?

“What do the most successful businesses do differently than mediocre ones? They see the big picture. They see things differently and do different things. They connect the unconnected, challenge the conventions, look for new opportunities, and are not afraid to try new ideas. They are inspired businesses, with a sense of “genius” about them.” Peter Fisk – businessgeniuslive.com

We often like to look to those who have successful entrepreneur ideas. We have a need to see how and what they have done that we might be able to work into our business routine and life.

Okay – so none of this meant anything to me – just words. Until, I started living through what others talked about – I had to have my struggles, become inspired and find my own business savvy, get my own entrepreneur ideas ~ And, I needed to pay attention and grow into my own business savvy, for this business I was in now.

So I wrote this Special Report on “Your Business Plan, Strategy and Savvy Pathway To Success” – available to you at no-cost.

We all know that entrepreneurs and small business owners are the ambitious kind. We gain business experience that converts into a working knowledge of how we manage our entrepreneur ideas, marketing and other aspects of our business.

  • And our entrepreneur ideas start with, well – what do you think?

I have heard this starts with education. But, I disagree with that a bit. For me it started with wanting the skills to get the knowledge I needed to succeed. So that may be ambition, then. Hope, faith, and a drive to succeed guided me to get the education and coaching I needed to keep moving ahead.

  • Then came the entrepreneur ideas, this was my on business savvy developing.

Business savvy and entrepreneur ideas may not make you into a millionaire. But, I have found it’s necessary to take your business and demonstrate some basic “common sense” as it relates to business.

You could really say your business is driven by giving customers what they want, giving them solutions, and making them happy enough to come back for more.

That is really what business savvy is and great entrepreneur ideas are.

I had to get business savvy. I had to understand how to help my customers.

So…What does your business do that shows your own business savvy at work? What makes your business shine like a ‘Rock Star’?

As a Business Mentor and Internet Marketing Coach, that is one of the major areas I help you with – finding your business savvy and then going with your entrepreneur ideas. Let’s visit about that.

As a smart business person, you know that you need your own business savvy. What’s that look like for you?

I am looking forward to your comments.  😎

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Bob Forshay

“Donna is the coach we all wish we had years sooner. She gets it, and gets to it, not for you but WITH you. I love the way Donna walked me through logical progression of my business development planning and was good at helping me hold to my plan. Authentic, genuine and sincere, I enjoy working with Donna.” Bob Forshay


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      Glad you thought so, Nabanita – Come by again! 🙂

  • January 26, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    Thank you, Donna, for saying it is not all about money.

    Entrepreneurship is about helping people with their pain point in an ethical manner.

    The money should be secondary to customer service.
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    • January 26, 2014 at 7:48 pm

      Thank you, Robert – How nice that you stoped by – I hope to see you here often 🙂

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