Do You Have Strategic Groundwork?

Do-You-Have-Strategic-Groundwork?Did you know that your business uses the strategies of growing a beautiful garden? 

Have you ever bought a book on how to plant a garden? If you had never started a garden, would you know that not all the seeds are put in the sun?

The truth is that even with instructions, turning a handful of seeds into a beautiful garden can be a huge task. For me, especially!

Building a business, attracting and keeping clients, is like planting that garden.

Clients don’t always just show up. There is the mistaken belief that being the expert, having an online site, and printing business cards will get more clients wanting to pay you for your time, skills, and gifts. It would be wonderful if it really worked that way. But it doesn’t.

You can grow your own ‘victory’ business garden by…

==> Laying the Groundwork

– Plan for a successful business.

  • This is you finding out who you are as a business and who you are not!

This helps you put out consistent business messages that attract your ideal clients.

– Research

  • I found that I couldn’t build a successful online business from a hodge podge of free information and free seminars. It just held up my progress. It’s like going to Costco and thinking you’ll get a satisfying meal from eating the free samples they offer. Things don’t fit together into a coherent way and you are often left feeling more confused, looking for new answers, and still hungry.

Find out where you and your business will grow the best and in what season of your business you may need different types of mentors to help you grow more quickly.

– Dig in

  • Prepare your business by enriching your foundation and start strong.

There is a strategy to growing your business and gaining awareness in your market. Like planting your garden and attracting the beauty of the right birds, butterflies, and bees.

–> When applied effectively, you can gain awareness from your ideal clients, establish yourself as a creditable expert, attract more prospects into your business, convert and keep more new clients.

Many business owners struggle with how to grow their businesses, because they lack marketing training, or may not have a plan of what strategies to implement and when.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the many options and are not sure where to start?

***You can get more clients quickly, keep them interested, and start earning the income you want.***

When you start thinking like a gardener.

  • You just need to have the right instruction manual.

For help with understanding strategies for getting more new clients, you can ask about the strategies you need to take…Get started, stay on your path, and keep going strong. The foundation of your business are your leads, your contacts…Want to learn more about Build Your Business, Build Your List? Ask me how I added over 1000 new subscribers to my list in just 4 months…

…More ways to building your online business…and generating those quality leads…

“I am an expert in my field but I needed someone to help me put into words what I am an expert in. I needed a target because even though I am the expert, I didn’t even know how to communicate what I am about! After working with Coach Donna Ward, she was able to help me to hone in on my target client, create a summary of what I offer and I am now able to coherently communicate what makes me different from my competitors! She made it so easy, just by having a conversation, asking me a few questions and fine tuning of words, everything became so clear! Thank you Donna, you have truly changed the way I communicate with others about my business! Tracy A. Dempsey, Open Invitation Catering/Heart Link Area Coordinator, Riverside, CA 

What is on your list to do today?

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3 thoughts on “Do You Have Strategic Groundwork?

  • January 28, 2014 at 7:23 am

    Hi Donna,

    I can see why it can be overwhelming for someone starting out. If I were to suggest something to someone starting out and if they don’t know where to begin. I would ask if they have a website. If they do, see how you can optimize the website. Then also look into social media as well. Those are places I would start first. Very basic things to implement on the internet. From there, it’s all about putting things in place like you said and work your way up. Great post today Donna!
    Nate Leung recently posted..The Distinction Between Your Present and Future SelfMy Profile

    • January 28, 2014 at 1:55 pm

      Thank you, Nate – love your comment – it is step by step of learning and implementing – So glad you stopped by!

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