Commitment to Business

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The greatest gift you can give to yourself is an opportunity to learn through application and commitment to business. Commitment to business here means applying what you learn.

If you don’t apply what you learn – it is just more information.

That’s like my bookshelves. Full of a lot of really great information. Yet, I keep buying more books. And, not reading even half of them. It’s just information sitting there, until I learn how to use what I read.

  • Many of us have $1000’s of theory on our bookshelves.
  • Give yourself a commitment to business and apply some of this theory that you are picking up.

Looking at it this way, it sounds like there is too much theory and not a lot of application.

I know earning is fun. But, what’s next?

We need to be getting down to our own commitment to business. And, that takes time in the application of what we learn along the way.

I want to ask you these few questions, regarding the last tele-seminar or webinar you attended:

  • Out of everything that was presented on the call —

-What was the most important thing you learned?
– What stood out for you? That ah-ha moment when you got it.

– What are you going to do with what you learned?

– What commitment are you going to make from what you learned?

The two best ways to learn are actually doing and then teaching others. It will help you increase your confidence in what you are doing or trying to learn to do.

  • Ex: If you learned how to effectively incorporate fresh foods eating into your life, and then you teach others to do it? Well, that is the best way for your learning to be more memorable.

Theory and implementation means: Put into practice what you learned.

— It’s all theory until you put it into practice.
We probably have all gone to seminars. Rather online or in a meeting room. I call these learning events. It’s not just about imparting knowledge. It is about you walking away with something memorable. It’s about you and your learning.

We need to have a commitment to business success for ourselves. Which really means we are in business to make money. And, at the same time, we want it to be clear that we come from a place of service.

3 commitments we can make to our business…

1. We are committed to helping others learn, grow and get what they need from our products or services.

2. We are committed to business success.

3. We want to be doing what we love and earning an income that supports our lifestyle.

This is what you want for yourself, your commitment to business. To yourself.

Put into action and apply what you learn.

Business Mentor and Coach Donna L. Ward, helps busy entrepreneurs and professionals tap into their power and focus on high return. Using strategies, online and offline, they can create the biggest and best life they want to lead. If you keep doing what you’ve done, you will get more of the same. Let’s create a different future for you!

Coach Donna has been certified as a business coach and trained in using the proven wealth acceleration system based on iChing 5-elements and time-honored universal wisdom. Taking the confusing world of wealth creation and putting it into a coherent and comprehensive system. Helping you attract more clients, utilize marketing, direct sales, online and offline, and media to communicate your authentic business vision.

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