Can You Use Voicemail Marketing?

Can you use voicemail marketingYes! You don’t want to waste a major chance to connect with your customers, or prospects.

Use your voicemail message to communicate a brief and smart marketing message that differentiates you from all the others.

I’ve seen the stats that say over 80% of your business calls go to voice mail.

The messages you leave could be costing you sales and opportunities and income! 

  • How do you get them to return your call?

The reason your calls aren’t being returned, could be that you aren’t doing it right way.

The message you leave needs to be focused just on them, right? But will they listen, or better yet, even return your call?

Well, it’s always up to us isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at why you’re calling, what is your goal?

  • Are you looking to keep on top of their thinking, like a visibility tactic?
  • Is your message intended to motivate them to call you back?
  • Is the message part of a series of touches, like an email, a direct mail piece and phone calls as part of your ‘keep in touch’ system?
  • Could be all of the above, right?

Your first step is to decide on your message, before it goes to voicemail.

Being prepared, sounds a lot more confident.

Ok, now take a hint from your marketing message template…

–  Get the attention of the listener – maybe let them know that you’ve checked out their web site, or other information about their work/business.

–  Be interesting, so they continue to listen. Share an idea. Nothing is more tempting then something you know of that could help them achieve their goals or solve their pressing problems.

–  What benefits are you offering that they want? Share the value of your solution for them.

–  Ask that some action be taken by providing something of interest that will encourage the person to return your call. You have to create a reason for them to call you back. My own could be that I offer a report on ‘The 7 Reasons Sales Conversations Fail’.

Add to these tips by:

Leaving a “P.S.” at the end of your message. A “P.S.” is a very quick, additional piece of information that will connect you with the person.

Your voicemail message that you leave can be a marketing boon for you. Practice and get better at it!

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I have talked to other marketing coaches but didn’t feel a connection.  Donna actually listened to me and heard what I was trying to say.  She interacted with where I am and was the first one to actually take a look at my sites and what we were talking about while we were talking.   She paid attention to what I was saying and took that to where we needed to go.  Donna did more than just give suggestions (homework) as to where to go next.  She gave positive feedback, which always feels great, and let me know what I was doing correctly. She validated that where I am now and the future I am visualizing is going in the right direction. What a relief!“ Rita Bartholomew,

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4 thoughts on “Can You Use Voicemail Marketing?

    • November 23, 2013 at 7:20 am

      Thank you Richa – Glad you stop by and made a nice comment! 🙂

  • November 25, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Hi Donna,

    Good advice here the standard voice mail you would normally use is not what you want to do when it is a business/marketing call. People are not usually willing to call you back unless you give them a good enough reason to.
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    • November 25, 2013 at 4:58 pm

      You’ve said it perfectly! We do need to be creative if we want those calls returned! So glad to see you here again!

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