But How Do You Create That Cashflow?

But-How Do You-Create-That-Cashflow?The lifeblood of any successful business is positive cashflow.

More cashflow starts with a plan to get more clients.

What ideas get you more new possible clients interested in you and at the same time help you get to know your audience better? Choose one or two of successful ideas, and implement regularly.

1. Give free talks and workshops

  • Host tele-classes and seminars.

2. Find out where your target audience hangs out…online and offline.

  • There are online forums and there are groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that have your target audience in them.
  • There are Vendor Shows offline.

3. Article Marketing is still one of the best ways to attract your ideal clients back to your blog or website.

  • Do some research at EzineArticles.com

4. Blogging, of course.

It is on the top of my list of daily activities for letting the world know what I do and who I help.  It is a simple self-publishing platform.

  • I use the free WordPress themes with the hosting site at http://donnalward.com/bluehost (When you use my affiliate link, do let me know ~ I offer you a gift.)
  • Why use a paid hosting site and not a free one? Well I do have my site on several free hosting sites, also. This is sharing my site’s content free and getting more visibility.
  • What I promote is my paid hosting sitebecause SEO likes it better, looks more professional, and I own it…that means I can put up an optin box and put what I want, where I want in my own site.

5. One of the fastest, and one of my most favorite ways to get new business interests is to be a professional offline networker.

Going to networking events where your target audience hangs out and getting to know them in person it fun and profitable. Asking great questions and listening to them is building your business.

  • Generating more leads and relationships for your business.
  • Check out meetup.com for events in your area.

These are just a few ways to get more new clients and bring in the lifeblood for making your business successful in more positive cashflow.

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Ientrepreneur 1 hope this helps, I am here to save your business…

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