5 No-Risks Steps to Quickly Grow Your Business

6 No Risk Steps to Grow Your BusinessWhat is The Best Marketing Your Business?

When it feels like you just keep on spinning your wheels, only to remain stuck in the same spot, it really may help to:

Find Your Own Personal Marketing Steps

Want bulletproof steps to getting hard cold cash in your pockets? Then set your plan in motion…Start with:

  1. 30 max minutes in AM for Social Media (then 2 – 15 min checks Afternoon and Evening)
  2. 45 minutes for article writing & posting – In the AM
  3. 1 hour for Email Marketing – Client relationship building and affiliate marketing – AM
  4. 45 min – blogging – AM
  5. 1-3 hours – Calling and meeting with – between 11 am and 1 pm

Sound Boring? Then you better get real with your business…

This really is your secret weapon to keep you moving forward and on track.

  • You now know what is expected of you.
  • It may overlap into the next day.
  • But, you know, you know what you need to do to market regularly.

==> If you have found your supercharged time for these types projects is a different time slot – then change the times.

Always using your time on money making activities, does build up and grow businesses.

This is really the shrewd way to working your business.

  • You know any other  attention grabbing needs  can be handled during the off hours when your time limits won’t be shattering your concentration.

Are you skeptical that this is just too much time-crunching?

==> Think about this

One tactic – is to break up your work hours in small, 45 minute increments.

  • Focus exclusively on marketing activities for 45 minutes.
  • Take a 20-minute break to walk the dogs, or do some other type of personal work.

This keeps it fun and fresh. And, that is an advantage of being your own boss.

  • After all, you are the boss, of you and your schedule!

It’s pure and simple – You decide your priorities, make decisions and make sure it gets done… because you are your real-world boss.

  • What that means is this… you can’t just work to be busy.
  1. Seriously think about what marketing tasks needs to get done for that day… instead of what you want to do.
  2. Stay clear on what you want to accomplish in the long run.

As your Business Coach, I really become your ultimate hidden asset ~ for each day when you are facing what seems unreasonable challenges, and opening your eyes to new opportunities in your business.

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