3 Power Steps to Success in Business

Business SuccessPower Step #1.    Know what is your goal for building your list.

EX: List building, opt-ins, selling, creating connections, a certain percentage of conversions?

Most of us know that effective list attraction, retention and monetization skills are ESSENTIAL for long-term success or just to get started!

==> This means you set up a develop smart habits – set up a routine from your plan, and stay consistent in reaching your goal.

Power Step #2. Your prospective clients need to know what to do when they visit your online site.

What action do you want them to take – download a report or video, opt-in for a free teleseminar, book a complementary strategy session, purchase your program, upgrade a membership etc?

Study essential skills and start using one strategy that you can confidently implement with consistency – this can completely transform list building efforts and your results. 

==> Once you have that one strategy running smoothly, add another, and so one. This helps you stay out of overwhelm and get action steps in place to move forward.

  • As some of you may have already experienced – once you have a list:
    • You set up a system to contact your list on a regular basis –
    • Building relationships with your prospects and
    • Turning your prospect into clients and
    • Clients into continual streams of income through
    • Constant client relationship building and retention.

Whew! Sounds like a lot – but when it is done step by step with a coach, it is so much easier and faster.

  • There are step-by-step methods that walk you through every stage of your business building, so you know exactly WHAT you need to do and WHEN. When I first started, I found that step by step guidance was what I needed to move forward more quickly.
  • Make a firm decision to stick to a system – and – Things start happening more quickly.
    • Then stick with that system and follow it straight through from beginning to end — without getting distracted by all the other possibilities out there. And, believe me, I know from my own experience and those of my clients, there are a lot of fun distractions and ways to spend our moneyand time.

Power Step #3  Keep it simple and follow the basics… otherwise, you’ll find yourself trying to run in a dozen different directions at once… and going nowhere fast!

The best chance for success is to follow ONE step-by-step solution that walks you through every stage, and only buy other products when you absolutely KNOW you need them.

Staying focused brings you clarity.

  • What does clarity bring you?

Success starts with clarity.

Your priority is – Don’t get into overwhelm and then procrastinate.

Name Collecting & Your Email Marketing

In order to collect the names of your prospects and have an ongoing conversation with them via your newsletter you will need a program to do so.

1. So, if you don’t have your blog set up, let’s do that.
2. If you do have your blog, set up, let’s starting building your list.
3. And, if you are working on your list, let’s look at your set up and systems.

Resources Click here for a list of resources to get you started

And, I recommend Aweber, because it has great tools and functions as well as lots of help to get you set up.

‘Find out Here How to Easily Manage Emails to your Followers’

And, I am here to share and teach from my own experience and successes – Please contact me for help with your own Power Steps to Sucess

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