4 Marketing Components

Strategy and Business PlanningYour business strategy has to be focused on a distinct message from you that attracts your customer.

Yet, sometimes when things are too simple, we discount them. Simple steps are what get you there.

But, what I have found is that many small businesses have not laid the proper foundation and their businesses are showing it.

–          They don’t know their target market;

–          Or their messaging;

–          Or what products/services they want to sale;

–          They don’t have a compelling business offer;

–          Perhaps their website doesn’t reflect their business;

–          Or maybe they are not consistently communicating.

Your marketing message will be targeted to a specific audience, your ideal customer that you want to work with – so you had better know how to make the above happen consistently.

And, – delivered in a way that they will find it –

You will need to know where to find your audience –

Is it through:

–          Networking

–          Direct Mail

–          Social Media

–          Video

–          Podcasts/interviews

–          Vendor shows

–          Newspaper or paid advertising

Now you can say that you have a system starting and can use it as a tool whether online or off.

  • The system you’re starting? It is the ways and the when you collect customers.

There still has to be specific action steps that you take to continue to build your business.

In the end you are still responsible for your success.

  • A system doesn’t create the success.

===> You can give someone everything they need and if they don’t take action nothing’s going to happen.

  • For those who are willing and ready to take action having the right system in place can make all the difference if they succeed or fail.

Give the right person, someone that is ready, the right tools and they can win in a very big way.

— The right tools, the right training, the right system, and the right mentors = the right opportunity for anyone.

I think by now you must ‘get it’ – Without a strategy, then a routine system set up, there is no leverage.

To me a system has 4 basic components for marketing:

  1. You need a customer attraction tool, something they want and can’t wait to get.
  2. An optin page – where you send them to get what you offered and they want as a free gift.
  3. Keep in touch system – Email follow up (auto-responders) I have used Aweber for years or you can check out Mail Chimp, which is free. A way to keep building relationships – Building you know-like-trust factor. Email marketing is a powerful tool that can extend your reach beyond your website and create new sales opportunities.
  4. A method to continually build your list of contacts.

A system helps build your business, because its working for you and no because systems/automation is just half the equation. The other half is taking action. Such as to personally connecting with your prospects and current customers regularly.

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