3 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketingDo you find that when you are “starting” to create your own product to sell online, “finishing” it seems to take longer than you thought, it may never get to happen?

One of the things about affiliate marketing is —

** You don’t have to create your own products **

If you are like me, when I first started and still when I am busy, I find the idea of creating a product can be an overwhelming, exciting, and even an exasperating task. We can all come up with great excuses:

* I don’t have any good ideas!

* I’m not a writer!

* There’s too much competition!

* I don’t know how to set everything up!

* I can’t figure out where to start!

  • It’s too hard!

I’m sure with a few minutes of thinking about it, we could come up with a list of many more delaying tactics.

Many of these delaying tactics are helped with a coach. Helping you through your fear and guiding you with the technology part. That’s how I started to get through these excuses.

However, with affiliate marketing…

1. You don’t need your own products.

  • You can learn how to promote someone else’s already proven successful offer for a commission.
  • This sounds easy enough – but making a decision to take a course, and get some coaching / guidance – really does make it more simple and easier to do.

2. Why try to create a product and teach on every topic imaginable in your market?

We can earn just as much money helping others, using our products, mixed in with affiliate products, or just affiliate products.

  • By simply  promoting someone else’s program, or product. (I like to try them and know what works, before I refer.)

It will take some time, work, and effort on your part to make a good income on the Internet, no matter if you sale your own products, affiliate products, or a combination.

But, as in any business you chose and want to be successful in, you need to learn all you can about affiliate marketing. Be a student of your trade.

3. Get cash in the bank without a website, experience or even an idea!

Which in a nutshell is making referral money from recommending a product, or service on the Internet in exchange for a commission.

  • As an example: You can just have a sales page with an optin offer from the affiliate.

As when starting any real Internet business:

  • Researching a niche you have some interest in, can potentially earn you a nice amount of cash at the same time with affiliate marketing.

  • Want support in learning more about affiliate marketing? Yes? Great…

As an ‘Insiders Club Member’, many small, and prosperous businesses, including myself, love the MyNams membership site and many reallt great benefits. We can go in and learn so much any time, on so many topics.

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P. S. Don’t Wait – Start marketing to your own email list a.s.a.p. I waited a couple years to get mine started which was a big mistake. I finally realized half the battle of making money on the Internet is building a responsive email list from your blog, or websites traffic.

  • The bigger and better your email list is the more money you will earn online from your Internet marketing efforts period!  I would like to invite you to our Open Forum List Building / Internet Marketing ~ including Affiliate questions answered ~ Tele-class at donnalward.com/listbuilding
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      Thank you Maryann, I hope that you signed up for my list to take advantage of more learning opportunities. 🙂

  • October 5, 2013 at 9:05 am

    Great article! I’ve never really considered affiliate marketing but it seems like another wonderful oppourtunity to grow your website/blog and ultimately make more residual income!

    • October 5, 2013 at 4:40 pm

      Thank you, Crystal ~ I hope you take a look at the MyNams link to learn more about affiliate marketing!

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