What if a Decision Was Your Most Magical Thing in Your Business?

There is a reason why some people excel and others never get to play long enough to reach 2nd base. They may be equally skilled, likable, and trustworthy – but may not be committed.

If the barrage of great emails and trainers for your online business and internet marketing has you more confused than empowered, take a deep breath and relax. We’re about to take aim at this confusion, blow away the smoke and make things as simple as possible.

But first, we must clear away some smoke.

I have heard it said that the most magical things in life – on and off the stage – are often the result of the correct application of the most basic principles imaginable.

Doors open and we have to decide whether to step through and seize the opportunity or not. So how do you make a commitment to something in your business and move on it?

Let’s pretend that you are my business coaching client:

Suppose I said that I knew something that could change your life forever for the better. Would you be interested?

If you’re struggling to take a big step forward in your business, it means you’re wavering or uncommitted about something important.

— Are you really committed enough to do what it takes?

If you haven’t committed yourself to your dream, your business vision, then you have basically made an unconscious decision to continue to struggle.

— Let’s say you want to launch a new program, or go out and get 5 new clients.

How do you do this?

You make a DECISION. This is what will change your life forever.

Does that sound difficult to you? Sounds rather simple really, doesn’t it? Just the words all by themselves. Why do we add the baggage?

Given the pace of today’s world, it has never been easier to find yourself overwhelmed. So, write down everything that you believe is preventing you from achieving your dream. Then change those beliefs.

The key is to make the decision to take the action steps towards to your dream, your business vision. You will be greatly rewarded if you do.

I’d like for you to accomplish what you really want in your business.

So, I encourage you to take action now to make the decisions to move forward in your business and life. Step by step – it is a decision.

Donna Ward
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