Want To Build An Email List?

time to build your listIf you build an email list, you’ll be nurturing future relationships.

Requiring a dedicated system of time and care.

But your results can be priceless.

 “How do I build my email list?” is a common question.

This can be one of your biggest challenges.

Starting and continuing to build your list of contacts so you can keep in touch sharing what you are doing.

But, it boils down to keeping at it regularly. Doing what you know you’re supposed to do.

How to start, then?

  • We know that blogging allows you to build your audience.


#1 Make a list of the ideal audience you want to share your opinions views and expertise with;

  • and WHY you would want to continue educating them.

You are building an audience that will be giving you permission to educate and promote to them.

#2 What are the steps to building an email list, then….

Whether you’re working on your email list or just thinking about it…a strategy and a roadmap are your first steps.

What are the main elements of your plan for starting and building your email list?

>>> Your goals are tied to the actions of your audience.

  • That means relevant content. Sound familiar?
  • So your goal is to learn what your audience wants ~ that you have to offer.

You’ll have the opportunity to build your story and share your value as your list starts to know you better.

>>> Be aware: Two of the biggest reasons we stop sending emails to our list is that:

–  We often just can’t come up with ideas and

–  We don’t have a deadline we stick to.

>>> Collecting emails

  • Set up your autoresponder
    • Aweber – Is my favorite example of autoresponders – especially for beginners. It has lots of features you can grow into. Beautiful templates, Twitter and Facebook integration, blog broadcasts. Great training and telephone support.
    • Mail Chimp – I’ve heard is one of the better free autoresponders.
  • Now add your own ‘Join My Email List’ optin box to your blog so people can join your list.
    • You’ll have an ‘ethical bribe’, an offered gift of value in exchange for their name and email. Like a video, pdf, audio training.
  • Ask your readers, and your Social Media followers to sign up for your list with a link to your optin box area.
  • View my own examples:

Your email list is the collection of followers, subscribers and people who want the information you’re sharing.

Get your email list started today with these tips. Step-by-step.

And do let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below!

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