Value and Success of Business

value-and-success-of-businessWhen your thoughts and acts of service are in alignment with what you feel, then the Value and Success of Business can come together more quickly for you and others.

You have a business and you have the desire to be of service in bringing your gifts and work to others. That’s wonderful! Yet so many times your own stuff gets in the way of actually finding that alignment between having a successful business and being connected to the deeper part of yourself even as you are being aligned with the value you offer your ideal clients and what they want from you. That’s a lot to deal with successfully! As an Intuitive Business Mentor I’d like to share with you, just a bit, about what I’ve learned along my own path about value and success of business. I see my clients stumbling in marketing their businesses, because to be of value and being true to yourself, even as you are taking care of service to others, involves really exploring and knowing who you are, what you believe in, and your own ‘why’…your purpose,  the reason that you wanted your business. ==> The value and success of business is also in building your visibility and credibility, and that means being out in the open and vulnerable. ==> The challenge is to increase your business value by increasing the quality and quantity of your results, transformations, offered to your clients. 

** Even as you are opening up and displaying your personality and talents to your ideal target audience.**

The value and success of business, takes a lot of growing. Of yourself and your business.

You know that people who are attracted to your business are attracted to the personality of that business. That would be YOU. That is being a risk taker! As you make your living through giving value and success of business, you add meaning to your clients’ lives by serving them through your work, your business. As you grow, your belief in yourself grows and becomes more attractive to your ideal clients…building authentic relationships, and they do notice. Your focus on great results in building your value and success of business and client relationships is the guiding force. So how to get better results that your competitors? Ask yourself…

  1. How can I serve my ideal audience better?
  2. What can I do to improve their lives / business?
  3. How can I become more valuable, and give them better results?

Want to focus getting more of your ideal clients to  ‘Build Your Business, Build Your List?’ Ask me how I added over 1000 new subscribers to my list in just 4 months…click on the picture below…   …Get more ways to building your business opportunities to grow…and generating those quality leads. Marsha Landeros“In the last hour I was doing some follow up calls and one of the ladies I had met at recent Skincare class that seemed interested in the business said she was very interested and has been reading my emails and is blown away by my products and business opportunity. We set up a follow up date to chat more. But without Coach Donna L. Ward’s tips and training I may have not implemented these practices of emailing and setting time to do my calls. I get so excited when I see it working! Just had to share! Thanks so much Donna! My business just went BOOM with the activity I have added to my calendar.” Marsha Landeros Benefit with Arbonne

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