Targeting Groups For Business?

targeting groups for business works.

I started to get it as a new Conference Center Director…our motto was, ‘We are here to serve everyone’.

As I found quickly that our small site wasn’t for everyone. We attracted women who enjoyed more comfy areas, higher quality food, and would pay a bit more for this.

Then we segmented our sites, according to targeting groups for business, our targeted audiences for each site:

  • The other sites targeted youth and men’s groups who liked to rough it a bit more.
  • We ‘got clear’ on our messages to each target group, for each site.
  • Our smaller conference center served mostly women, so…
    • No marketing for youth programs.
    • Found where to target Christian Women’s Groups.
    • Set up a strategy to attract them.
    • Systems into place to attract consistently.
    • Attracted through outbound marketing.
    • Planning our products for them – beautiful surroundings, comfy facility, food, and staff care.
    • Still had youth groups, family groups, and men’s groups book the site – groups that wanted to enjoy these same things.

The steps worked for that smaller site, as it was becoming more solidly booked with groups, growing 33% annually.

Before targeting groups for business? The site had one group a month.

I think you’d like that type of action for your business, too. Right?

  • We found our biggest issues of targeting groups for business growth and developed our marketing and services around these issues.

This was our only way to market successfully and be able to serve our ideal groups best.

How does targeting groups for business help you?

When you know who you serve, understand what they want, position your business as their problem solver, you’ll be able to have the best possible message for your target audience.

Which really means you’ll become a ‘client attractor’.

Your message is the ‘how’ of you sharing what you have.

Once you know ‘who’ you help, ‘how’ you help, and share what you do ~ your ideal audience starts showing up more often.

And, that’s the ‘what’ of my business – helping you strategize, using your mind first as you consider the situation, and then taking a moment to step back, allowing yourself to “feel” (intuitively) rather this is good. Using business smarts is strategy and intuition in attracting your ideal clients.

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  • March 10, 2014 at 10:40 am

    I find that having a persona for who I am writing for and looking to target really helps with marketing. I create a profile for the type of person that I want to attract and make sure every word I write or say speaks to that profile. Great post, and thanks for sharing.
    Alexandria Ingham recently posted..Monthly Income Report February 2014My Profile

    • March 11, 2014 at 6:59 am

      Thank you Alexandria – I appreciate what you say and it is extraordinary that you do this – congrats! 🙂

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