Small Business Visibility

What gives your small business visibility online?

  • Well, Google also loves blogs, because they are constantly being updated with fresh content and changing. A blog reader is likely to come back to a blog, and maybe even bookmark the site, if they know there are going to be constant updates and new information for them to obtain. So your blog can really increase your small business visibility and this helps your clients and customers find you and your products and services.
  • Did you know that your blogs allow you to perform your own market research? By getting to know your target audience and gaining their trust – you will start to understand what matters to your audience; what your customers want; and what challenges are they facing. It’s very crucial as a small business owner that you understand their problems and provide a solution. Putting your clients’ interest ahead of yours. That’s what a friend does. So blogs offer a solution because you can ask what problems your audience (friend) is facing and they can write comments on your blogs and you can get to know your audience in a much better and deeper way. This is will bring your clients back to your blog and bring your small business visibility.
  • And finally – blogs are cheap – you can host a blog for under $10 a month – in fact there are free blogs out there – and there’s nothing better than a low cost high impacting marketing vehicle that explodes your business – and brings your small business visibility to others looking to solve the problem that you have the solution to..

Hopefully that gives you a quick overview as to why your small busines needs a blog and why you need to get blogging in today’s competitive business environment. A small business blog needs to be a part of your business and marketing plan.

Donna Ward
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