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Small Business OwnerI stop money leaks for the small business owner.

This is my work – helping a small business owner discover the structures and habits that they use to manage their most valuable resources – time, money, and energy. This is what will determine how well the small business owner will succeed in their business.

  • When you are on your business path and you have no boundaries, your thoughts, energy, time, and even your money is all over the place.

Wouldn’t you rather have your business journey on a path with effective, easy-to-implement structures? This way, your involvement and the rewards you receive will flow more clearly and easily for you.

  • As a small business owner, you have taken a lot of care in mastering your specialty.

How much time have you spent learning the business, marketing, and productivity skills that are vital to your success?

If you are like the small business owner that I visit with regularly, you’re figuring it out slowly and painfully, bit by bit.

Sometimes you get stuck.

There is a better way.

  • The small businesses that are growing successfully, and more quickly, are the ones whose owners get help in figuring out how to systematize – sooner rather than later.

The 3 top areas you need to check your small business for ‘money leaks’ are:

#1 – Clarity

Most small businesses don’t have a clear and consistent planning process. So, as an owner you are rarely clear what your next step is. You don’t have anyone to be accountable to, so you often don’t complete the things you’d like to do which will move your small business to the next level.

#2 – Self-Care

Small business owners get into the doldrums very easily.

They don’t have the time, or sometimes the will, to take care of their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. And, then lack the energy to carry a vibrant, successful business on a smooth journey to success.

#3 – Mentor

The small business owner is usually the DIY’er.

They don’t have a mentor.

  • A mentor is someone who has what you want and can see your journey as you will be seeing it years from now; looking back.
  • The small business owner may be taking too long to figure things out and to gain the personal experience (on their own, it is the frustrating way) that a mentor can help them leapfrog over.

Can you relate to any of these? Go ahead and rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in each one. How are you doing?

I certainly can relate. Been there, done that! I had to learn the hard way, and be proven wrong before I reached out to a business coach.

When I did get my own business coach – My business took off and has been flowing strong!

The small business owner I visit with faces all three of these money leak areas. And, I can see that they are seriously blocked from being effective in their business!

But, rarely can they see this! Until they’ve had enough of doing it alone…

How about you?

Let’s visit – I am offering you 30 minutes of my time as a gift to you. No strings attached.

Contact me now

Or look into my Group Coaching where you can find clarity, focus, and others that will hold you accountable so that you can start getting unstuck.

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Small Business Owner

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