Prospects, List Building and Growing Your Business

There’s a topic so important to your business that
I’m always excited when it finally “clicks” for the
clients I’m working with.

That’s because this one strategy is probably the most
effective way for you to bring in new paying clients…
or even a waiting list of people who want to work with you.

Yes, I’m talking about list building

  • building a good sized list of engaged people (your potential and targeted prospective clients)that you consistently want to be of service to.

I believe that having a list is the difference between a
struggling business and a successful business that consistently
attracts clients and creates significant impact for your business.

Building a list of enthusiastic, targeted, supporters is such
a necessary focus for every business owner.

Always be list building! Targeting and targeted prospecting, be prepared, take action, and get the lead.

  • If you were prospecting for gold? Would you forget your prospecting pan? You would know the basics of the work you needed to do to collect the golden nuggets!

It may sound simple, yet I suspect this is a departure from
what you are doing on a regular routine…

Think about this…

When you are going to a networking event, how can you be
list building?
— You collect cards and email them right away – AND –
keep in touch with them regularly – ALSO send them a direct
note (in the mail) – ‘Nice to meet you, hope your new business
idea works out – look forward to hearing more’, etc. You will
be able to say something about their business idea, or the family
event, because you were interested enough to take notes when you
met them. Be sure to put your business card in and suggest they
receive a free gift at your ‘sales page’ optin.
— When I go out networking, I often hand-out business cards
with a free gift (fitting the topic of the meeting) – that people
I meet can redeem on one of my websites. So now handing out 100
cards can mean adding new people on my list.

When you are directing people to your website, how can you be
list building?
– I often direct people to a free gift opt-in page for them
to redeem their free gift instead of just pointing people to my
website to get more info

When you send out an email, or are on social media, how can you be
list building?
– Send them to an optin page for an A-Lister interview – if
you haven’t shared the recording, with others, that is available on
my own blog – go now to Interview Replays

When you write and submit articles, are you also list building?
— Always put in your invitation to your opt-in or sales page in
your resource box – have a special page on the topics of your articles.

Go now and get your free gift on Article Marketing and Online Credibility!

Personally, I do everything possible to incorporate list building into
everything I am doing.

These are just a few of the examples of what you can do, but the most
important thing I want you to get is ALWAYS BE LIST-BUILDING. It is
the ultimate business growth tool.

As entrepreneurs, we grow and our business grows. When our business is
growing in leaps and bounds, we are more passionate and become more creative –
and we grow. It is very much interconnected. Pay attention to yourself
and your business.

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As your Business Coach of the day – I am holding you accountable for taking action on one of these things today and then tomorrow…Send me your report!

Donna Ward
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