Online Marketing Relationships and Goals

Did you know that the average sales letter gets around 2% conversion. That means 98 out of ever 100 people you send to your blog or web site will NOT buy or even get to your opt in box.

Your primary objective is to build your list. That way YOU can promote offers to them over and over again.
• Building relationships means getting to know your prospective client really well. This way you will both gain trust, likability and the credibility factor – for each other. It is a relationship, after all.

And, I’m not talking about what they say they want.Let me ask you this…

If you ask a 50-year-old woman why she wants to help train poodles, you’ll likely get a string of answers that you’ve probably heard before. Like ‘Poodles are among the most intelligent and easily trained of all dogs.’

But is this REALLY why she wants to learn more about how to handle her own dog?

Probably, but I’ve gotta think there may be more to it than that.

Research the psychology of the dog owner with that certain breed and then be inspired by these unspoken hopes and fears to help create marketing content that speaks to this… now you have some tools to set your marketing on the right track! (Where do you research – try Forums and get involved!)

Create content that talks directly to your prospects hopes and fears. Do this in your writing, audio, and tele-seminars.

We all know that people really want to be understood.

And, if you can give your prospects this gift, if you can show that you understand, you’ll create a bond, which is the start of your client relationship.

Share that you have experienced some of these same thoughts and doubts… and let your target audience know the emotions that you experienced are similar to theirs.

Get personal.
You want your prospects to will feel as though you’re speaking DIRECTLY to them.

Give them guidance.
I understand this, because it took me forever to understand my perfect client for wanting a business coach (which was really me and what I needed/wanted). Then I knew that there was a market for what I offered as a Business Coach offering step by step guidance – that was what I needed and then I found someone to help me step by step. Because I like learning that way. That’s the way it works and that was when I started to grow myself and my own business.

What about you? What is it you are looking for and want?

Donna Ward
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