Marketing Yourself Online

Let me ask you, is your online business site compelling and authentic?

People will pick up on your energy –  the way you present your ideas.

If you have read about blogs and websites, then you have heard that your blog is the marketing/information hub of a dynamic system. Systems are good and help keep you moving forward – you would know this about me, if you have read my content.

  • What is your unique quality (or qualities) that set you apart and creates your powerful brand or presence on the Internet?

– –       Think about the clients, maybe friends/family, that you have helped. What was their goal – their vision; where were they at the point you started working with them. And, how did you take them to where they wanted to go from where they were? What did you do?

Tell this story. Stories can be spellbinding and good to bring people into your welcoming sphere.

– –       Describe your services/products from the outside in.  How do you solve a client’s problem? Can they think of you as someone who will see inside of them and help pull out what was hidden?   I coach the from inside of a person -get those roadblocks out of their way, helping them pull out their distinctiveness,  and help them see how to market that. As a business coach, I help my clients find the answers that are within them and guide them to aligning their abilities with systems to help move forward.

—  Be in several places at one time: Your blog (s), Social Media,  Forums, Guest Blogging, Direct Mail, Calling Clients, Emails. Remember that 85–90% of your time will be spent on marketing!
— My blog opt in is the launching pad of my marketing system – this gives me complete control over my system. Be sure to check out and get involved with my – Bonus – FREE Email Marketing List & Tips Mini-Course – You’ll also receive reliable & complimentary success tips.

Think of being inspiring and motivational with your blog or website rather than impressive. Most of us are conditioned to the big ads of retail stores, magazine and TV ads. I think most of us also find that annoying. What do you think?

  1. You real goal is to get prospective clients (site visitors) to leave their names and addresses.
  2. You will have a system that helps you create an ongoing relationship, once you have their permission through your opt-in.
  3. You will be marketing yourself online – you will have a system to be successful!
Donna Ward
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