Need 3 Steps Out of Overwhelm?

3 Steps Out of OverwhelmDo you ever find yourself with way more to do than you feel you could possibly accomplish each day? Spinning your wheels trying to grow your small business?

This can bring you into the world of overwhelm.

  • Overwhelm is literally about doing – and understanding how you get pulled into doing so many things and pulled away from doing the things that will help you.

Staying out of overwhelm is also knowing that it may be possible get out of your overwhelm thinking; by focusing and sticking to your plan.

  • Wanting to grow too fast can cause you to not want to take the time to plan.
  • Keeping it inside of your head can cause unrealistic expectations and disappointments.

Clarity around what you want your business and life to look and feel like, supports what you want to happen more quickly for you, and your thinking can stay out of feelings of overwhelm.

Having a written plan of what you can do next and what order to put things in can be the missing link that helps you accomplish more. So get those thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

3 Steps to stop overwhelm so you can enjoy your business and life…

  1. Recognize your situation and accept that you’re in overwhelm. You can’t do anything about it until you see what’s going on.
  2. Identify what thoughts are causing your feelings of overwhelm ~ Because, yes you are in charge of your thoughts, and your feelings.
  3. Focus on Income Producing Activities ~ Get clear about what’s important next…Set up priorities – These are the activities and tasks that will help you accomplish your desired goals.

What’s most important right now?

  • Once you have that one thing, the most important thing, you just decide to start taking action on it right away. Just do it! Go for it! Get it done, whatever that one thing is.

The secret to getting out of overwhelm?

It is to change who you are being at the moment. It is staying in control of your mindset, actions, environment, and the knowledge you need to stop feeling overwhelmed and start producing the results you want.

You can take the right actions with a plan… Get started and keep going strong. The foundation of your business…

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    • December 3, 2013 at 7:12 am

      Thanks again, Jason – Overwhelm can and does creep up on us and we don’t notice until we just can’t handle it – so getting something done about it step by step is the idea 🙂

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